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Best Bid’s Online Estimating Classes

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software’s Online Estimating Classes are registering for new classes. Space is limited so sign up now. If you ever wanted to learn to estimate or estimate better these electrical estimating classes are for you. They are the most comprehensive classes that you can take covering all aspects of estimating electrical projects. […]

The Super Superintendent

The Super Superintendent “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” –a phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin long before the Superintendent title existed. The advice presented in this axiom is certainly taken up by those whom our Career Matchmakers identify as the most-marketable construction Superintendents. References for candidates who fit […]

We can help you with your Estimating needs!

www.bestbidestimating.com https://www.softwareadvice.com/construction/best-bid-electrical-estimating-profile/ https://youtu.be/0xocjEamusc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7baS_uKTXA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd-NpdQGSHQ https://youtu.be/dYB0ykcPLyU         800-941-7028                   Call us and speak to someone that talks electrical estimating. Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has anything that you need to be a successful electrical estimator. What sets us apart from the competition. We can teach you to estimate or estimate better, because we […]

Accura Cadd

The new Accura Cadd now has an overlay feature/ This is really a must have software. It does so many things for your company you cant get by without it! We use it everyday.  

Estimating Classes

We will be starting a new class soon on Electrical Estimating. Let us know if interested in joining. Just a few things not to forget! Electrical Specifications: Very important. Reading the specifications will determine your scope of work and what your bid price is based upon. It is important that the General Conditions of the […]

Accura Cadd by Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

We have just added a new overlay feature to the Accura Cadd making a fantastic product even better. Make drawings from scratch, use it for As-Builds, check for changes in new drawings. This is a great addition to any electrical estimating software. bestbidestimating.com Accura Cadd PDF Draw by Best Bid Ask us for free electrical […]

Best Bid –Always first with Free Electrical Estimating Help

Best Bid Estimating and Takeoff Solutions offers comprehensive Windows-based electrical contracting estimating software for commercial, industrial and residential contractors. Best Bid offers three levels of estimating programs – Best Bid –Best Bid Hybrid-Best Bid Hybrid Pro. Each level serves a particular set of contractors, from individual contractors and small service firms to multi-million dollars contracting […]

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

Best Bid Estimating & On-Screen Takeoff Solutions.

  • Fast – Reduce electrical estimating time in half.
  • Simple – Use Wizards to easily add material. Just add quantities.
  • Accurate – See exact project cost on the electrical estimate summary.
  • Professional – Impress your customers with award winning proposals. The best Proposals tool on the market.
  • Electrical pricing software also includes material prices of thousands of items. Link to NetPricer or Realtime Pricing.
  • Learn to use our electrical estimating software with fast-start online training videos.
  • Priced less than any software on the market.

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