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Bidding Brilliance: Exploring Features in Electrical Bidding Software

Think about the last construction project you bid on.

Did you wish there was a way to make the process smoother, faster, and more accurate? Well, you’re not alone.

Electrical Bidding software isn’t just another tool; it’s a game-changer and is here to make your life easier.

In this blog, we’ll show you how bidding estimate software can revolutionize your approach to project bidding, saving you time and money.

No more headaches, no more guesswork – just a streamlined, efficient bidding process that puts you ahead of the competition.

Understanding Electrical Bidding Estimating Software

Electrical Bidding Software is a critical tool in the construction industry, facilitating the estimation of project costs with a high degree of accuracy.

These software solutions are designed to automate and simplify the bidding process, offering a wide range of features tailored to the specific needs of construction professionals.

Key Features of Electrical Estimating Software

Streamline your bidding process and boost accuracy with Electrical Bidding Software for electrical operations.

Here are the key features of the software that you need to know about:

  1. Cost Database Integration

The software often has a comprehensive database of construction costs, materials, and labor expenses. This feature allows users to access up-to-date pricing information, saving time and reducing the margin for error when estimating project costs.

  1. Takeoff Tools

Accurate takeoffs are essential for precise cost estimation. Electrical Bidding Software includes advanced takeoff tools that enable users to measure quantities from digital blueprints and drawings, eliminating manual calculations and errors.

  1. Customizable Templates

Construction projects vary widely in scope and complexity. Electrical Bidding Software provides customizable templates tailored to specific project requirements. This flexibility streamlines the bidding process and ensures all relevant factors are accounted for.

  1. Integration with Project Management Software

Seamless integration with project management software enhances communication and collaboration among project stakeholders. This integration allows for the transfer of bid data to project management tools, reducing redundancy and ensuring that the estimated costs align with project budgets.

  1. Historical Data Analysis

It can analyze historical bid data, helping users identify trends and patterns in past projects. This data-driven approach aids in making more informed decisions when preparing bids and forecasting project costs.

  1. Real-Time Collaboration

Collaboration is a key aspect of successful project management. Many Electrical Bidding Tools offer real-time collaboration features that allow multiple team members to work on the same bid simultaneously. This enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.

  1. Cost Comparison

It enables users to compare multiple cost scenarios quickly. By adjusting variables such as materials, labor rates, and project scope, professionals can assess the impact on project costs and make informed decisions.

Electrical Bidding Software

Benefits of Using Bid Estimating Software for Electrical Projects

Now that we have explored the key features, it’s important to understand the advantages of incorporating Electrical Bidding Software into your workflow.

Some major benefits you should be aware of are:

  • Accuracy: Electrical Bidding software significantly reduces the chances of human error, ensuring that project costs are calculated precisely.
  • Efficiency: Automating tasks like takeoffs and cost calculations speed up the bidding process, allowing professionals to submit bids faster and potentially win more contracts.
  • Cost Savings: Accurate cost estimation helps avoid overestimation or underestimation, ensuring that projects are financially viable.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Historical data analysis provides valuable insights that enable data-driven decision-making for future projects.
  • Competitive Edge: Efficient and accurate bidding can give your company a competitive advantage in the construction industry.
  • Collaboration: Real-time collaboration features foster better communication among team members, reducing misunderstandings and delays.

Electrical Bidding Software

FAQs About Electrical Bidding Software

Q1. Is the electrical bidding software suitable for small construction businesses?

Yes, it can be tailored to the needs of both small and large construction businesses. Many solutions offer scalable features to accommodate varying project sizes.

Q2. Can Electrical Software for Bidding be integrated with accounting software?

Yes, many bid estimating software solutions for electrical projects offer integration with popular accounting software, making it easier to manage project finances.

Q3. Are estimating software solutions compatible with mobile devices?

Most Electrical Bidding Software offers mobile apps or responsive web interfaces, allowing users to access their tools and data on smartphones and tablets.

Q4. What is the learning curve for estimating software?

The learning curve for Electrical Bidding Software varies depending on the complexity of the tool and the user’s familiarity with construction estimating. However, many software providers offer training and support to help users get started.

Q5. Can bid estimating software for electrical projects be used for other industries besides construction?

While estimating software is primarily designed for construction, its principles and features can be adapted for other industries that require project cost estimation.

Key Takeaways

Electrical Bidding software isn’t just a tool; it’s the key to unlocking a smoother, more efficient way of working.

So, what’s the next step in this exciting narrative? It’s action – plain and simple.

Integrate estimating software into your workflow, and watch as your bidding strategy becomes more streamlined and competitive. No more guessing games, just precision and clarity.

As technology evolves, keep an eye on future developments and trends in Electrical Bidding Software. Staying ahead of the curve will ensure you’re always at the forefront of industry innovation.

Take the plunge, adopt this tool, and witness your bidding prowess reach new heights.

Trust Your Man-Hours-Electrical Estimating Software

                                                          Trusting your Man-Hours

In estimating electrical projects, it is easier to know what material you will need vs how long it will take to install that material. With time or Man-Hours, there are many more variables to consider. Who is doing the installation can change the time that it takes dramatically. When I was 30, I could throw a bundle of conduit on each shoulder and run up 3 flights of stairs and not even be breathing hard. Moreover, if we needed to finish an area, we would work through break and get it done. The 50-year-old guys could not work as fast, but they had electrical knowledge that I didn’t.
If I try hard, I can remember way- back to when I first started doing electrical work. For the most part, we wired houses. In the early years you got paid for 8hr when you finished wiring a house. If you drug it out for two days, you still receive 8 hr. of pay. True, these were 1500 to 1700 sq. ft. homes, not the mega homes people build today and with the codes that we deal with today but, you had to run to make it happen. You learned to work.
On rare occasions, you would get a second person to help you. I noticed that even with a second person we didn’t get done in half the time. We were less tired, and we got finished faster but we never finished in ½ the time.
I learned from this that 2 people will not install twice as fast as 1 and, with 4 people, will not install twice as fast as two.
To sum it up, more men equals less production per man.
Here is another example of man- hour’s errors. My wife wanted me to install a window shade. I have already installed two of these blinds and the blinds were very easy to install. I kept putting this off because it was over one of my computer stations, and I would need a ladder. I kept telling her I would get it installed right after the game. It would only take a few minutes to install one blind, so there was no need to rush.


I went to get the ladder, and I remembered that the neighbor had borrowed it, so I drove over to his house to retrieve the ladder. Now I have my ladder and it only wasted a half an hour. Next I went to the shop and got my cordless drill and a bit that I needed to make the installation simple. I opened the blind and found the hangers, but there was a screw missing from the package. I went back to the shop to find a screw that would work and eventually, I had everything I needed to install the blind. I installed the two hangers and started to snap the blind in but something was off. I discovered that this window was 1” narrower than the windows on the front of the house, and this blind would not fit.
Now I am in real trouble because I have waited so long to do this installation that this style blind was no longer available in this color.
After much consideration, I took the blind back to my shop and carefully sawed off 1” with a band saw.
It actually worked. I took the blind back into the house and snapped it in the hangers, and in about 3-1/2 hours, the blind was installed.

The point of this story is: We always think everything is going to go perfectly. I can install this project in 4 weeks, then I have a man to quit and it takes 5 weeks.
Electrical estimating has to be a mix of thinking. If you think everything is going to go right you will bid too little. If you think everything will go wrong, you will never get a job.
Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has the perfect mix of Man-Hours allotted to the material so you don’t have to do the hard thinking. We have done this for you. From NECA along with years of historical data, we have created a database of Man-Hours that flow smoothly taking into consideration a mix of young workers, older workers, apprentices, and journeymen so that every project has the correct labor.
We also can increase or decrease the Man-Hours for difficulty on each page of the estimate.
Getting your time correct is equally as important for your electrical estimates as getting your material correct.

Trusting pre-determined man-hours will get you much closer than guessing how long that job will take. Combine this with a little historical data and you will have a winning estimate.
What the takeaway from this blog is, that there can always be the unforeseen. A great Electrical Estimator Software can help overcome these obstacles. Estimating software for electrical projects is a must for any successful electrical contractor. Electrical estimating programs like the Best Bid Hybrid Pro have spent 30-plus years fine-tuning their labor units for electrical projects.
Learn to trust what the quoting software for your electrical projects produces for you. Feel free to modify your hours for difficulty but overall trusting your software will produce better results than you guessing.

Tips on How to Find and Hire the Right Electrician

An electrician’s job is important. One need only looks at functioning establishments to see how important energy is to keep a building powered sufficiently. Finding an experienced and certified electrician to handle such a technical and vital job is crucial to ensuring that electrical work is done according to the required standards. 

At Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software we strive to uphold these standards for each one of our clients.
We try to teach our customers and guide them along the way.

What Types of Jobs Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician can specialize in industrial, commercial or residential electrical work. It is vital to know the difference between these three, depending on the work you want to have done. 

Whereas a residential electrician focuses on the lighting, wiring, and configuring of the circuit boards for residential properties, a commercial electrician will focus on generators, transformers, and other electrical aspects that come with the building of properties such as schools, parks, resorts, and hotels.

You may also encounter terms such as journeyman and master electrician. A journeyman is in the process of completing training to become a master electrician. They can be responsible for managing your project but may have a supervisor work with them. 

A master electrician, on the other hand, oversees a team of labourers and electricians and is responsible for the schedule. The master electrician may be the person who oversees the journeyman.

Where to Find the Right Electrician

Finding the right electrician for the job is crucial if you want to get the job done satisfactorily. If you are already working with a contractor, they may have a list of reputable electricians they can refer you to. If not, you can always check with your Homebuilders Association for referrals.

Should these options fail to produce the results you’re looking for, then asking for recommendations from people you know and trust might help.

What to Look Out For

There are other things worth looking into and questions to be asked before an electrician starts the job. For example, you might want to check on their qualifications and experience to know if they are the right fit. They must also be able to provide you with an Electrical Compliance Certificate upon completion of their work.


You will also want to get a quote. Ask if your contractor uses electrician-specific estimation software. If so, ask to see the breakdown for their services before moving forward. This is often the way electricians will now provide you with a quote. 

If they are using a Best Bid product you can be sure that you are getting a correct and fair price.

How to Pay for Services

Many electrical issues are minor and relatively easy to have repaired. However, if you are doing a more substantial task that will be more expensive, consider refinancing your home to free up some money. 

When rates are low, you can substantially reduce your monthly mortgage payments, which may be enough to fund your project. Or you can request to cash out some of your funds. But note that cashing outcomes with some fees, so speak with your lender first before moving forward. 

Take the Time to Find the Right Electrician

Hiring an electrician is a task that should be undertaken with care to ensure you find a suitable candidate who knows what is required of them legally. 

Electricians that know their way around technology, such as electrical estimation software from Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software, should also make the process of executing electrical work an easier one. Do your due diligence to find a suitable candidate. 

Although it will take some time and effort, you will get the quality workmanship that you want and deserve. 

Highly Profitable Electrical Cost Estimating Software 2023

10 Important Points You Should Know About Electrical Cost Estimating Software.

electrical cost estimating

What is electrical cost estimating software?

At least 95% of all successful electrical contractors rely on electrical cost estimating software to perform their estimates. This statistic alone should tell you that if you are not using software to do your electrical bidding you should take a serious look at making the move to computer estimating.

Some contractors don’t understand the advantage that is gained by using software designed for electrical estimating. They feel that it cost more than they can afford or that it will take too long to learn.

In fairness, some estimating software can cost upwards of $10,000.00 with extra charges such as technical support, yearly fees, and extra cost per license. Some of these products are so complicated that you need to go to special classes just to learn how to use them.

This does not have to be the case. Going back to the question what is electrical estimating software? Bidding software starts with a large database of electrical items. Each item has a price and a (Time to install the item) called Man-Hours.

Once a project gets over several weeks to complete you can no longer say it will take 2 days to do this and 2 days to do that and another 5 days for the site work etc. It becomes impracticable to guess.

As you move products into the electrical estimate the software counts the material cost and the time it takes to install these items.

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro’s goal was to make moving these items into the estimate as easy as possible at a price anyone could afford. It does not need to be complicated. We are not trying to impress computer programmers with how complex we can make our screens we are trying to impress electrical contractors like yourself maybe without a lot of computer skills with how easily we can make this happen.

Being electrical contractors we have created the Best Bid Hybrid pro to be as electrical friendly as possible while providing all the information needed to bid and track your estimates.


electrical cost estimating

What different types of electrical software are there?

There are several types of electrical cost estimation software and they are not all created equal.
You have cloud-based software, shopping cart software, software with and without On-Screen Takeoff abilities, expensive complex software, server software, and one that will be right for your company.

We always recommend staying away from cloud-based software. This is a marketing idea to collect money from the user for life. After you get invested you have to follow along or lose everything. The more customers the company gets the larger servers they must purchase and guess what? The price WiLL go up and never end. If your internet goes down or their server has issues you are out of the estimating business. This usually happens just before bid time.

Shopping cart software is nothing more than selecting each product and placing it on a tally sheet. It does little to speed you up or track your projects. They can be very cheap but offer little help.

We feel from years of experience that the best investment by far is stand-alone desktop software like the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. You make an initial investment and you own the software for life. You control everything. Also with Best Bid, there are no extra fees for technical support, software updates, and comes with unlimited license. Best Bid is easy to use and does not require a special school to learn.

Best Bid also comes with a built-in On-Screen Takeoff not having to use a third-party company like most software.

How can electrical cost estimating software help electrical contractors?

The right software can help more than you can imagine. It will take the guesswork out of your electrical estimates. It will eliminate math mistakes, speed up your estimating time, and keep your bids uniform. This will free up time to do other important things. Estimating software will provide reports that will allow you to track your jobs after you win them. It will help you order materials and give your Project Manager all the tools he needs to succeed.

It is not a question of:

“Can I afford to purchase estimating software? The question is can I afford not to purchase electrical estimating software?”

electrical cost estimators

Who needs electrical bidding software?

All electrical contractors will need software to help them estimate electrical projects at some point. It is almost impossible to compete with electrical shops that have the advantage of good bidding software.


The one thing that you gain with software is you will know before the job is over if you are getting into trouble. If you want to fully understand what software can do for you give Best Bid a call and just talk about estimating. 800-941-7028

Are computer estimating software worth the money?

If you master the software and if you use the software no matter what you paid for the software you will be a great ROI. Electrical Estimating Software is the most important tool that you own. You will fail or succeed based on your ability to estimate. It is an investment. It is an investment of time and money.

You must be determined to learn the software. It does not happen overnight but the more you work with software the easier it becomes. Once you master the product you will receive all the advantages professional estimating has to offer.

electrical estimating software classes

How hard are they to learn?

Everyone learns at a different rate of time. This determines several factors.
01. How bad do you want it?
02. How important is it to you?
03. How much quality time will you invest in learning?
04. Will you watch the videos?
05. Will you follow the Quickstart guide?
06. Will you read and follow the instruction?
07. How much have you used a computer?
08. Do you already know how to estimate successfully?
09. Have you ever used computer estimating software?
10. Have you ever used On-Screen Takeoff?

All of these things determine how quickly you master software. I will say you will not open any software and do an estimate on it the first day that you get it. IT takes some time to learn any software.

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro has the shortest learning curve of any software you can purchase.
We also have the best helpline on the market. We give you all the tools you need to succeed but you must decide that failure is not an option.

How do I know which one is right for me?

We addressed this earlier but stay away from cloud-based software and shopping carts.

Choose software that has a built-in On-Screen Takeoff. Call the company and just talk about estimating and your company. You will get a feel right away if they are salespeople are electrical contractors. You will know if you can reach them. You will also know if they can help you. Just speaking to a company can help make a decision quickly. Don’t fall for quick talk sales but listen for true knowledge.

electrical cost estimating software

What is On-Screen Takeoff and how does it help?

On-Screen Takeoff gives you the ability to upload your PDF drawings onto your computer and do your counting and measuring right on your computer screen. This saves printing your plans and also helps eliminate mistakes. If it is colored it is counted.

Every estimate starts with a takeoff. Doing your takeoff on your computer screen speeds up the process. Once you have your takeoff these counts and measurements can easily be transferred to the estimate. If you have a product like the Best Bid Hybrid Pro the On-Screen Takeoff is built into the software, This transfer of information flows seamlessly. This can not be said for all software.

is electrical estimating software slow or fast

Is doing estimates with a computer faster than by hand?

This is a very easy question to answer. Just a small example would be entering 100 receptacles.
With pen and paper, you would start a list.

  1. 100-Receptacles
  2. 100-Receptacle Plates
  3. 100-Boxes
  4. 100-Plaster rings
  5. 100-Grounding Stinger
  6. Conduit
  7. Couplings
  8. Connectors
  9. Straps
  10. Screws
  11. Conductors

Then you would need to enter a price beside each item and then install man-hours.
Then you would need to total each list. Then add labor cost, profit, and overhead.

As you can imagine this is timely.

With the Best BId Hybrid Pro electrical estimating software you would enter 100, then enter, and you are done error-free.

Multiply this time savings across all phases of the estimate. The answer is after you learn how to use estimating software YES it is much faster and easier than estimating by hand!

What is the best electrical estimating software?

For ease of use, affordability, experienced staff, and quality of the estimate, the Bets Bid Hybrid Pro will be the best electrical estimating software for most electrical contractors.



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Eco-nomics: Tips for Future Green Business Leaders

eco nomics

With all the growing threats to our environment, there’s never been a more pressing need for “green” businesses than now. Building an eco-minded enterprise isn’t just good for the planet, it can also prove highly profitable. Here are a few tips from Best Bid Estimating Software for getting yours off the ground.

Online Tools

You’ll also find plenty of online tools and programs to help you
launch your operation and save on costs. You can start by moving away from
paper and digitizing your paper records. 

With the Best
Bid Hybrid Pro
, you can save countless trees and eliminate
paper waste by uploading PDFs of your electrical drawings directly into the
software. This feature allows you to perform takeoffs directly from your
computer screen, saving time and paper while giving you complete control over
the process. 

The takeoff module is part of the Hybrid Pro package, so there’s
no need to use a third-party company for this task!

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is leading the way in green technology and sustainability, helping preserve resources for future generations. With this powerful software operative, you can be sure that you are not only doing your part to help save our planet but also optimizing business processes at the same time – it’s a win-win situation!

Lastly, if your business deals with electrical contracts or usage in buildings, you may benefit from Best Bid Electrical Estimating app. This product can help you to win bids and track your contract as you complete the process. 

Understanding “Green” Businesses

The main difference between a “green” business and an archetypal one is that a “green” business should have ethicality at its core. This means exercising social and environmental responsibility in the way it operates or sources/manufactures products. 

The act of attaining carbon neutrality and using sustainably produced resources can incur extra costs; but to offset this, there are many government programs and private initiatives that may even help the scales. 

You may also benefit from a burgeoning “green” market, powered by consumers who care about the future of our planet. Whether you agree or not the push is to go green. At Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software we feel no matter what side of the fence you are on with this topic some changes are coming. 

This change is bringing jobs to the electrical contractor. We are here to help with all of your electrical needs. Electrical Estimating Software, Drafting, On-Line School for Electrical Estimating along with free electrical advice for your company.

Costs and Expenses

Contrary to common sentiment, going green is actually shown by evidence to be more cost-efficient. By cutting down on energy costs, utilizing digital solutions, and taking advantage of grants, loans, and other assistance programs, a company can typically shed many conventional overheads and even out its bottom line. 

If you’re seeking funding, consider applying to the EPA, Department of Energy Grants and Loans, National Science Foundation, SBA, or even crowdfunding for grants or loans. Some of our customers are applying for grants to install charging stations, solar farms, and installing solar panels on residences.  


For any ecopreneur serious about launching a successful green business, it’s imperative to have a business and a marketing plan before launch. A “green” business plan won’t deviate too much from a conventional one but must take into account environmental/social impacts, gauging success not only by profit but also by the potential impact your business may have on the natural world and the living standards of those involved in its success.

When it comes to marketing, green businesses may find themselves at an advantage as a part of the wider sustainable market ecosystem. Brands in this sector tend to support each other via collaboration, partnerships, and promotion. Your priority in this field should be to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and create transparency within your process, establishing credibility and leading/inspiring others when it comes to sustainability practices.

You also may find at this point that you would benefit from additional training. With a business bachelor’s degree, you would be well-equipped to handle the fundamentals of running a new green business. Plus, with many online programs available, you can complete the coursework during your schedule and at your own pace.


It’s important, at an early stage, to navigate administration for your company – this includes choosing the right business structure. Consider, for example, forming an S corporation – this will provide you with pass-through taxation, self-employment tax savings, and the option to claim losses as tax deductions. 

A formation service can help you to navigate paperwork when forming your corporation and avoid unnecessary lawyer fees.

Utilize Your Resources to Go Green

Founding a green business, as with any other kind of business, takes time, energy, and resources. But as the sustainable market flourishes, you may see your efforts yield results that benefit yourself (and the planet) in the long term. 

Make use of the assistance programs, plan ahead and digitize your paper records to launch yourself into a greener future. And if you feel like you need additional knowledge about the business aspects, consider enrolling in an online program. 

Together, you will be equipped to start a new green business.

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