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Electrical Estimating Software

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software helps Electrical Contractors finish their estimates in record time. The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the fastest estimating software on the market! Furthermore, creating accurate electrical estimates quicker than any other software at an affordable price has been our only goal. Best Bid products were built for estimating all-size electrical projects. 

Electrical is our only focus. It doesn’t matter if your projects are $10,000.00 or $10,000,000.00 the process for estimating electrical projects is the same. For instance, whether you are estimating Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Low Voltage projects the process for estimating start and finish the same way. Our Best Bid Software Hybrid Pro will estimate your electrical projects fast, accurately, and with the fewest keystrokes possible!

Moreover, our software was created by a group of electrical contractors that estimate electrical projects all day every day. Knowing the electrical contracting business inside and out is what makes our Best Bid estimating software different.

Subsequently, many electrical bidding software was produced by programming guys with no hands-on electrical experience or have never estimated a real electrical project. In addition, we also have the only On-Screen Takeoff module that is built right into our software without having to use a third party. 

Import your PDF drawing and perform your counts and measurements right from your computer screen. In contrast, not having to go to the printers to print your electrical plans for every project.

In conclusion, your estimating software is the most important tool you own. You will fail or succeed based on your ability to estimate.

Own the best: Best Bid Hybrid Pro


The Best Bid product line offers advanced Electrical Estimating & On-Screen Takeoff Software at affordable pricing. Our goal is to assist Electrical Contractors as they move from pen & paper to Computerized Estimating. To ensure this opportunity for everyone, Interest-Free financing is available.

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Custom Assemblies

Having 1000’s of pre-created assemblies is a slow and time-consuming way to estimate. Having to sort through page after page just to find the one assembly that is close to what you need. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you find it you will then have to modify it to suit your needs. This process of estimating is simply OLD SCHOOL. 

It is super slow, hard to learn, and can be very confusing. Being electrical contractors and not computer geeks, most of us find this method quite intimidating. You will only use the same few for every project anyway.

With our Best Bid Estimating Software, you select a button, enter your quantity, then select Assembly Details to see your results.

It just can’t get easier than that.


For Devices: The old school way would be to select a Device from a long list of Devices, most of which you will never use. Then you will end up with a device and plate or at best a device, plate, and box. 

With Best Bid Software you select the button Receptacles, enter your quantities, select enter, and you will have entered the receptacles, plates, plaster rings, boxes, grounding stingers, screws, raceways, straps, couplings, connectors, and conductors. All items will be priced and the man-hours will clearly be shown. 

All man-hours can be raised or lowered for difficulty by adjusting the % bar. If we ever think of an easier way we will implement it.

You are always in complete control of the results. For example, you can change the raceway from EMT to GRS, IMC, PVC, or MC with the click of a button.

This is the Best Bid Software and the best way!

Best Bid electrical estimating software has a special module that allows you to open a screen and select items directly from the database. You can manually enter an item or select an item or a group of items from the database. These items will go directly into your estimate. You may elect to save this group of items for a future estimate.

The database is unlimited and you can add specialty items or specific groups of items at any time.

For instant:

  • Special grounding or items for a grounding loop.
  • Stands to hang transformers
  • Kitchen hood controls
  • Elevators
  • Swimming Pools

You can save your selections in the Master Files and recall them anytime. You can also open the database from any assembly sheet to add extra items. This feature is a fantastic time saver!

With Custom Assemblies the possibilities are endless.

Advanced Substitutions

Best Bid electrical estimating software is so forgiving and great for Value Engineering. You can always change one or many items in your estimate anytime along the way. 

Let’s say you missed the section in the specifications that says ¾” minimum raceways. No worries just select your ½” EMT and substitute it for 3/4” EMT. Change Copper conductors or Aluminum, EMT to MC. Changes are easily made with the flexibility of the Best Bid Hybrid Pro electrical estimating software with On-Screen Takeoff.

Changing computer pricing for quoted prices is easy as well. You can quickly enter the quoted price and select overwrite computer pricing. You now have your material prices changed to match the quoted prices.

As you can see, Best Bid is not only super-fast but flexible as well.

On-Screen Takeoff

Who doesn’t want to Import your PDF drawings and do your takeoff directly from your computer screen?

No one does this as well as the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. Best Bid electrical estimating software is the only software that has this feature built right into their electrical bidding software. We don’t team up with a third party to accomplish this task.

Using a third-party company to perform this task is not only problematic but defiantly does not have the electrical contractor in mind.

In fact, some of the software that we have used made you go to the estimating side of their product, create (1) lighting tag. Next, you had to open up the takeoff side of the software, set up that tag, then start looking for all of that particular fixture tags. 

When you finished counting that one type of fixture you had to move back to the estimating side of the software to enter this fixture type into the estimate. You proceed to do this with each fixture one at a time until each type of fixture is counted. Furthermore, when finished all you have are your lighting counts.

With Best Bid, you never leave our Best Bid Estimating Software. You will create all of your lighting tags at one time. You will then count all of your fixtures at one time and on one screen. You can count any fixture that is in your view not just one Tag at a time.

With our software when you finish counting you not only have the lighting Tags and the quantities but with the Best Bid Hybrid Pro, you will have everything it takes to wire and install these fixtures entered into the estimate. All priced and ready to move on. You will be hours ahead in your estimate.

Takeoff Modules or Assemblies

Our Takeoff modules are the most user-friendly and advanced modules on the market. We think easy, speed, and accuracy is the formula to success. Let’s look at two examples: In most software, you will have to enter (1) lighting tag at a time. With Best Bid, you will enter all your lighting tags, at the same time, on one single page. 

Secondly, when entering branch circuits with most software, you have to create each branch circuit separately. With Best Bid Hybrid Pro, all the combinations you need are all on one page in one spot. All you do is enter quantities and we do the rest. Entering them all at the same time saves so much time.

Reviewing your bid

At Best Bid, we always are thinking simplicity. No complicated or multiple screens to be confused by. We give you just what you need. You have multiple ways to check and review your finished estimates. We also include warning lights for when things were not completed. We offer breakdowns for everything you could ever want. 

Assembly Summaries, Man-Hours, Material Summaries, Audit Trails, Breakdowns of all types, there are too many reports to mention. We offer a very useful (1) page Worksheet that shows your low Quotes, Labor for Quotes, Rough-In Material, and Labor for Rough-In Material, and your total Man-Hours. 

You have the opportunity to add extra markup to each, or globally on the Summary page. The summary page is where you add profit, overhead, bonds, engineering, etc., and of course the winning selling price.


We offer several styles of proposals that can be modified. The proposal most used is the Master Proposal that allows you to enter and save your specific wording. The Master Proposal will auto-install everything in the estimate.

A page will populate that says (includes) just check or uncheck what you want or don’t want to create the Perfect Electrical Proposal. Exceptions, assumptions, terms, scope, your logo are all included. Finish the perfect estimate with the perfect proposal.

Other Cost

Don’t forget your direct or Other Costs. No matter what you call it let’s make sure it is included.

  • Plans
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Perdiem
  • Fuel
  • Lifts
  • Rentals
  • Temp power
  • Permits
  • Supervision
  • Meetings
  • Lost Time

We have a place for this as well. Keeping your prices up to date is important but it does not have to be hard.

You may elect to manage material prices inhouse, use NetPricer or Real-Time Pricing services

In addition, located on every Assembly Summary sheet, you have a price adjustment tab. You are not limited to column 1-2-or 3 as older systems do. Best Bid allows adjustments by %. You can change the price of the material a little or a lot. Changing the % dial on each page gives you full control of your pricing per Assembly not just globally.

We offer the same feature on labor as well. So, if you are working off a lift in one section of a project dial the % up for difficulty. This lets you micro-manage the estimate.

On-line School for Electrical Estimating

It is always time for Open enrollment we are currently accepting new students. We can teach you how to estimate or estimate better. This school does not have anything to do with our software. This course teaches you the estimating skills you need to succeed. 

Lots of companies are having their Project Managers go through the school as well as their estimators. The course is fantastic information for anyone from a housewife to a seasoned estimator. Each course is designed around the specific needs of the student.


On-line School for Electrical Estimating

We at Best Bid would like to make you this super special offer! Through this page only you can get the Best Bid Hybrid Pro for only $500.00 down and $100.00 per month. INTEREST-FREE! Don’t let this great deal getaway You may always choose a one-time payment of $1999.95

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