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We can help you with your electrical estimating needs.
Best Bid offers Electrical Estimating Software and an On-Line School for Electrical Estimating.
We can teach you how to estimate or estimate better.

Best Bid Hybrid Pro With On-Screen Takeoff


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We have combined the Best Bid with the Digi Count Takeoff Pro to bring you the best of both worlds. We have created a blend of Estimating and Takeoff Software using the most advanced technology available. Best of all we did this at a price you can afford. This was our goal when we created the most flexible electrical estimating and takeoff solution available.

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is our newest and best estimating software (product) offering. The Pro offers many new features that were not available in the past. The BBHP was built with the newest technology available. BBHP will run super smoothly on any Windows Operating system. The Pro also comes in a server version that allows all users to work from a central database. This amazing electrical estimating software comes touch-screen approved. This feature allows you to count even faster. Another unique feature of this special software is the ability to export its database. The ability to export its database allows you to exchange your database with another computer.

Moreover, it also allows for 1 click backups, keeping your electrical estimates safe.

This truly amazing software will reduce your estimating time by:

Best Bid Hybrid Pro
Best Bid Hybrid Pro

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro Features

This is a small list of features that are provided with the “Best Bid Hybrid Pro”.
“Best Bid Hybrid Pro” the Estimator’s Choice for Electrical Estimating Software.

Partial List of New Features

With Best Bid, you are in control of the estimate. You can change your default settings and dropdown menus to suit your preferences. Give us a call if you have any questions. We are here to help you.



Best Bid

Electrical Estimating Software for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Low Voltage Contractors.


Accura Cadd PDF Draw

Create or modify PDF drawings. Great for As-Built Drawings or creating drawings from scratch.


On-Line School

Become confident with your Electrical Numbers. We teach electrical estimating customized to your needs.

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