Electrical Estimating Software Is our Only Focus.
  • At Best Bid we have never been just about the money. That is why we sell our products for much
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    Best kept secret of being a successful Electrical Contractor. There are many things that have to come together to take
    What does it take to be a successful Electrical Contractor?  When owning and running a successful Electrical Contracting Company you
    What's the Best Electrical Estimating Software for My Company.? This is a common question that we get asked every day.The
    Don’t be fooled to price your work based on Sq. Ft prices that are set by people working out of
    Electrical Estimating- How Did We get Here? The days of pen and paper with lots of luck thrown in. Thirty
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    Surely not another change, You will never eliminate changes in construction estimating  but you can stop the problems that come
    It all starts with the estimate. The role of an electrical estimator is one that is highly specialized and extremely important.
    Steve with Best Bid. I don’t get the chance to address you guys and gals directly very often. I spend