• Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

    The Best Bid is designed to take care of all your electrical estimating needs on any Residential, Commercial or Industrial project. Built for speed, accuracy, and ease of use at a price that you can afford. Includes pre-built assemblies and an unlimited database. Ready to estimate right out of the box.

    • Utilize the “Master Control Panel,” which makes navigation extremely easy
    • Use one of our prebuilt assemblies, which are complete and ready for your to enter your quantities
    • Make flexible on-the-fly changes for raceways, fittings, conductors, and most items
    • Access our unlimited database,and add, or make changes to the items
    • Create and save unlimited “Custom Assemblies”
    • Create your own drop-down list, to include the items that you regularly use
    • Take advantage of the “Crew Designer” feature, to group your employees for the next project
    • Have the ability to incorporate labor burdens, and use your true labor rates, or choose a single-price labor fee
    • Add profit margins, which may be applied individually, or, applied to each quote, or assembly as needed
    • Update your pricing with “Netpricer”, for material price updates, with subscription
    • Click items from the database to enter new items into worksheet
    • Review the visible, “Audit Trail”, which is available at anytime during your estimate
    • Select from, pre-built assemblies, for all major sections of work: Lighting, Switches, Receptacles, Stub-ups, Branch, Fire Alarm, Site, Feeders, and more
    • Use the “Worksheet” to review your completed estimate before presentation.
    • Use your preinstalled computer prices or use the overwrite button to enter a complete material quote.
    • Feel save with our autosave feature knowing you never lose your work
    • Prepare and fax quote requests directly from your takeoff
    • Track labor. Your labor will even be summarized and shown for each individual item
    • Adjust the labor difficulty for each assembly, according to difficulty, and not just the whole project
    • Have the ability to incorporate labor burdens,and use your true labor rates, or choose a single-price labor fee
    • Add profit margins that can be applied to each separate quote, assembly, or the entire project
    • Subscribe to the Netpricer pricing service, and receive updates for your material.
    • Save time by using the, clickable database, to enter items into the worksheet
    • Review the Audit Trail, which is available at anytime
    • Select one of the pre-built assemblies that are included for all major sections of electrical work
    • Change items in the database, add custom ID numbers for each item, and modify pricing and man-hours, product descriptions, and more
    • Feel safe by using our alarms for incorrect entries
    • Copy and paste between jobs or worksheets
    • Utilize labor tracking
    • Enter your quotations, and have the Best Bid electrical estimating software choose the lowest price
    • Complete the site PVC all on one screen
    • Take advantage of our one-time fee, which includes the amazing Chameleon Flex Database
    • Request quotations on lighting, gear, and all material. This can be sorted by either phases, or sections, or shown in a complete list of material without duplicates
    This is just a small list of features that will be provided with the “Best Bid” electrical estimating software.
    All these features—combined with customized labor units, and the ability to create bids right out of the box, make “Best Bid” electrical estimating software the Estimator’s Choice for Electrical Estimating Software.


    Best Bid

    $999.95 (Tax Exempt)

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