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First Choice Electrical Estimating Software (1CEES) started in 1991 with its first product called, the First Choice Budget Estimator. It quickly caught on as the best software for a quick electrical budget at an affordable price. The Budget Electrical Estimator was for those not so familiar with Electrical Estimating or Electrical Cost Estimation. It was a great way to get Electrical Pricing with little knowledge of Electrical Work.

The 1CEES Budget Estimator has since been discontinued. We discovered that there was a real need for an entry-level Electrical Estimating Software or Electrical BiddingSoftware that not only was a great Electrical Estimating Program but that also helped teach you how to estimate Electrical Projects or Estimate better.

First Choice launched the 1CEES System for Commercial Electrical Estimating and the 1CEES Residential Electrical Estimator for estimating residential estimating. The Residential Estimator was the first Electrical Bidding Software for Residential Electricians.

The 1CEES Electrical Bidding Programs quickly caught on, teaching numerous Electrical Contractors a better way to estimate. As our customers’ companies grew, they came to need more robust Electrical Estimating Software. With this need, the Best Bid Electrical Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff product line was born. The main goal in building Electrical Costing Software was to create Estimating Software for Electrical Contractors that made sense. 

We used simple-to-understand screens and electrical terms that the Electrical Cost Estimator would understand; Creating Electrical Estimates with the least amount of keystrokes possible was just one goal… We changed the direction Electrical Cost Estimation was going. 

We Estimate Electrical Projects every day and we have tried every technique available and most Electrical Estimating Software on the market today, only to end up frustrated. There were several choices of Electrical Bidding Software or Software for Pricing Electrical Work but they were all hard to learn, extremely expensive, very slow, and it took forever to get to the end of the estimate. There had to be a better way of Electrical Estimation.

This was why we created the Best Bid Electrical Estimating & On-Screen Takeoff Solutions!

“Simple, accurate, and extremely affordable” describes the Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software product line. Software the average Electrical Contractor could use and understand.

Our next creation was the Digi Count Takeoff Pro, the first On-Screen Takeoff Software built for the electrical industry. Import your PDF file and do your ElectricalTakeoff right from your computer screen. No more time or money wasted on printing plans to Estimate Electrical Projects. At Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software & On-Screen Takeoff Solutions the progress in an Easier Way to Estimate Electrical Projects never stops.

Our latest creation is the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. This unique Electrical Software combines the On-Screen Takeoff Software and the Electrical Estimating Software into the same Electrical Estimating Program. We still may be the only Electrical Estimating Software Company that has both products in one software, the counts and measurements from the On-Screen Takeoff side of the software transfer to the Electrical Estimating side, of the software, making the Best Bid Hybrid Pro the most advanced Electrical Estimating Software in its class.

Best Bid has also announced a partnership with Esmarts’ NetPak. This new capability gives Best Bid Hybrid Pro users access to IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), including manufacturer product data and 3rd column market prices…Best Bid Hybrid Pro customers now also can utilize the new suite of tools from Esmarts’ NetPak. 

NetPak subscribers have access to the entire electrical industry with searchable eCatalogs, certified product data, 3rd column market pricing, industry calculators and conversion tables, and distributor pricing (through NetPricer) from their PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. We are also compatible with Real-Time Pricing for price updates.

Building the Best Electrical Estimating Software possible was not our only concern. Building long-time friendships and offering reasonable pricing were equally important. We offer commission-free prices, no technical support fees, no yearly updates, and no charge for lost or extra license. Price will not be in the way of you owning the Best Electrical Estimating Software available. 

We also offer interest-free financing that you can afford. Every day, we help still helping Electrical Contractors achieve their dreams.

At Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software & On-Screen Takeoff Solutions we take the pain out of owning and learning a Program for Pricing Electrical Work. Electrical Cost Estimating has never been easier, Let us not only sell you software but become your partner in a better future.

Electrical Estimating Software, On-Screen Takeoff Software, On-Line Classes for Electrical Estimating, Freelance Estimating Freelance Drafting, Mentoring, free electrical information, we offer all kinds of Electrical Estimating Services just for you!

Let us teach you how to estimate or estimate better.

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