Hey, this is Mick. I wanted to create this FAQ to address questions that we receive every day.
Most of this information is on our website but it seems people had rather hear it than read it.
So here are some of the most commonly asked questions.
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01. How many computers can I use the Best Bid Hybrid Pro on?
You can load any of our software on as many computers as you have.
All software comes with unlimited license.
02. What other fees are associated with purchasing the software?
The simple answer is none. You get:
A. Unlimited license
B. Free Technical Support
C. And Life-Time Software updates
D. No hidden fees like you often find on other software
03. Can I load a PDF drawing into the software?
The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the only software we know of that actually has the On-Screen Takeoff built directly into the software without having to rely on a third party. This makes
going from the Takeoff to the Estimate seamless.
04. What is the difference between the Best Bid and the Best Bid Hybrid Pro?
The Best Bid is Estimating only and the Best Bid Hybrid Pro comes with On-Screen Takeoff so you can do your counts and measurements directly from your computer screen.
05. Can you add items to the database?
The database is extremely flexible. You can add as many items or groups of items as you would ever need. We are available to show you how or even do it for you if needed.
06. Will the Best Bid work on MAC?
All of our products are Windows-based. We have many MAC users that install Parallels
and a Windows Operating System and they seem to be very happy but all of our software is Windows-based.
07. What separates Best Bid from all of the other choices?
Other than the large price difference and no extra fees, ease of use comes to mind.
You enter more information into the estimate with fewer keystrokes than any software.
Best Bid Hybrid Pro has a removable database. This means you can share your work with other Best Bid users.
We also have a uniqueness in having the ability to receive updates via just selecting the (check for updates icon).
We can also add products to the database, update UPC codes, or make corrections via updates.
So for example, if you purchase Best Bid in 2020 and someone purchases Best Bid in 2022 as long as you have been doing your updates you will have the same software. The Best Bid Hybrid
Pro is living growing software while still having the safety of living on YOUR computer.
Backing up your database for storage is also extremely quick so you should never lose your work.
Most all top-rated electrical estimating software works very much the same. You wade through hundreds if not thousands of pre-created assemblies to find the 4 or 5 that you will use
all the time. This is very time-consuming. The Best Bid product line offers a more advanced way of estimating than using that old technology.
We have created a completely different model of electrical estimating software. Basically, all you do is enter quantities and the software will do the rest.
All results can be changed in the default selections or on the fly project by project.
Another great feature is having the On-Screen Takeoff built into the software and we don’t rely on the internet. Actually, I could speak hours on the differences between our software
and others. In general, we built the Best Bid Hybrid Pro with the electrical contractor in mind. We didn’t just copy what was already out there. Let’s get back to your questions.
08. Do you offer a server version?
Yes, the Best Bid Hybrid Pro is offered in a server version.
09. How do you do price updates?
We work with 2 price update services. Real-Time Pricing and NetPricer. You get a free trial to Real-Time Pricing when you receive your software so your pricing will be up to date
with updated pricing right off. After the trial you can keep Real Time Pricing or use Netpricer, Both are good companies. You may elect to manage your pricing yourself. It is as easy
as typing over the old price with the new.
10. Can I bid low voltage work on this software?
You can. We have many low voltage items in the database already and you can easily add your own items or groups of items using your own part numbers.
11. We do commercial and residential work. Would the Best Bid Hybrid Pro be a good fit for our company?
Our software is a good fit for any electrical company. If you do small service work it can be a good fit, if you do residential work it will also be a good fit. If you do $25,000,00
dollar commercial projects or $25,000,000.00 dollar commercial projects it is also a great fit.
The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is heaver on the commercial –Industrial side but the process is all the same. If you have a 10 story build the second –tenth floor process of entering i

Estimating Software

is the same.
The only difference between a small job and a larger job is just more products and the quotes are higher. The way you enter 1 item is the same way you enter 100. You just add 2 more
12. Is the Best Bid Hybrid Pro the best estimating software?
You might imagine we would give this a quick yes since it is our software but the truth is:
There is some really poor electrical estimating software out there that we would suggest that you stay away from but there are some others that are very good as well. We have a
a different model that we feel is perfect for most electrical estimators. If you have 15 years invested in using another software and it suits your needs then you may be unwilling to
learn a new software. We get it. Although we are not willing to say that we are the best software that you can purchase period. We can confidently say we are defiantly the

best electrical estimating software for the money=offering the best value period. No other software comes close to offering what we offer for anywhere near the price.

13. How do I receive the software after I purchase it?
The software will come the same day via email. You will receive your:
Download Link
License Key
Quick Start Guide
Sample PDF Drawing
Free Trial of Real-Time Pricing
and you Help Videos
These should be stored in a safe place for future use.
14. Can I create groups of items and save them to be used for another estimate?
Sure. We have an assembly called Custom Assembly-There is where you can assembly items for a special purpose. These items can come from the database or just be written in. Once you
assemble these items you give it a special name and this group can be saved and brought back into future estimates. It is a fantastic time-saver.
15. How long does it take to learn the software?
Of course, this will be different from person to person.
Have you ever used computer software before?
Do you know how to estimate to start with?
If you are unsure we offer a fantastic On-Line School for Electrical Estimating.
This has nothing to do with the software it is how to estimate in general from start to finish.
We always suggest that unless you have computer estimating skills that start off slowly.
Learn what happens when you select the buttons.
Enter your Company information, Logo, Tax Rate etc.
Learn how to import a PDF
Then learn how to count.
Just keep adding to your knowledge bank and soon you will be flying through the software like a pro.
We can teach you how to use the software in minutes, You simply follow these steps.
Select the Button that you want to work with
Select New to create a new record
Enter your quantities
Select Save
Select Assembly Details to see your results.

With that being said you will be learning new things that the software will do for a long time.
The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is a large software that is extremely powerful you won’t master it the first afternoon that you receive it ready to do a live estimate.
Your estimating software is the most important tool that you own. You will fail or succeed based on your ability to estimate.
Setting aside the time it takes to Master the Best Bid Hybrid Pro will be the best investment of your time you will ever spend as an electrical contractor. This time will pay
dividends from now on.

We have helped many electrical contractors just like yourself take your business to the next level and we can help you as well.
Just having access to our knowledge bank of electrical contracting and estimating is worth more than the price of the software.
We would love to help you make the move as well.

These are the questions that we get asked every day and these are the answers that we give. Thanks for the opportunity in allowing us to share this information with you.

As always you can visit our website at www.bestbidestimating.com or give us a call at 800-941-7028
Have a blessed day.