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Electrical Estimating Help #6

Schedule and the specifications which will dictate which lights are quoted. The gear will be dictated by the panel schedule and the specifications. Some things to consider when asking for quotes: When turning in a Request for Lighting Quote, make sure that you include a copy of the lighting schedule, specifications, and your counts. TIP: […]

Free Estimating Help #5

05. Adding labor cost: Determine how many hours you’ll need to perform each type of installation by adding a man-hour to each piece of material. Include supervision and laborers as needed. Calculate your labor costs. Multiply the total man hours by the rate of pay that you need to charge. 06. Include Other Cost: Add […]

Free Estimating Help #4

. All buildings will need some type of electrical work at some point in time, creating a possible quote situation. The person that prepares this price is called an estimator. There are different types of electrical estimators, including senior, residential and commercial. Senior electrical estimators are responsible for training and managing other estimators. They are […]

Freelance Estimating

Let us do the work for you. A. Jobs that you just can’t get to. B. Jobs too big or too small. C.  We can do all of your estimating or just 1 job. Best Bid Freelance Estimating-800-941-7028-stevelgriffin@hotmail.com    

Free Estimating Help #3

Starting an estimate Bidding is all about covering all the cost with the least amount of money. It is easy to come up with a price that will cover the cost of a project. The hard part is being low on bid day and still making money. It all starts in the planning stage and […]

Accura Cadd

We use this product everyday! Fantastic for As-Built drawings or changing circuits Accura-CADD PDF Draw is an accurate Computer-Aided Design & Drafting software that allows anyone to create or modify (PDF) Portable Document Format’s that can be used to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating systems. If you Draw, Design, […]

Free Estimating Help #2

“When the seat gets numb the brain gets dumb.” I will share with you solid techniques for estimating along with tips and tricks that will save you hours. We will provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in the estimating field. By reading and applying the lessons in this book, you can […]

Update Prices

Netpricer  or Real Time Pricing are two great options for automated price updates. Call us if you need help setting either of these up. 800-941-7028

Free Estimating Help #1

Someone once pointed out to me that I spend more time on the phone teaching estimating practices and answering questions about estimating than I do selling software. So, it seemed like the right thing to do was to just place all of the conversations and questions in a book, so everyone could benefit from it. […]