Electrical Work

Steve with Best Bid. I don’t get the chance to address you guys and gals directly very often. I spend my time estimating and tweaking how things can work better. Electrical Estimating Software is a living thing and needs attention. New technology is coming forth every month and finding ways to implement it into our software is part of what I do.

We estimate every day and we have used McCormick, Conest, Infosoft, and Accubid just to name a few and we can get the same outcome from each of this software. These are not bad products and if you spend the time ( and money) learning them they will work for you.

So you may ask:

why did you build the Best Bid Hybrid Pro? Glad you asked.

These electrical bid software were built from a programmer’s standpoint and are not very intuitive.

Some are still using the same technology as they had when they came out. We also noticed that when we would get an updated disk it broke more than it corrected. The point is not to say bad things about this software but tell you how we arrived at the electrical estimating software we sell today.

Each of the products above has things we like and dislike but none of them had everything we needed as estimators.

We designed our estimating software with a built-in on-screen takeoff. This is a fantastic feature in lieu of having to transfer information from one software to another.

We also made the interface much easier to understand, we call things what they are a Receptacle is a Receptacle and not F1@2.

We have made the process to complete the most steps possible on one screen.

There are so many small features that make the Best Bid the fastest and easiest software to use while producing a real estimate.

The next thing we changed was the pricing structure where now any electrical contractor can own their own electrical estimating software at a price they can afford with no extra fees.
We offer unlimited licenses and free tech support as well.

If you have questions about the software or estimating in general send them to info@1CEES.com we will be glad to help.

We will help you find the best estimator in you.