electrical information

Don’t fall for the cloud-based electrical estimating software. The only reason it exists is to drain your wallet. If they can sucker you into this lame idea after you get so far in you are a customer for life.

Any financial adviser will tell you not to lease a car and don’t sign up for never-ending services. The key to financial success is to spend less than you make.

Cloud-based software is a dreadful Investment

The first reason is simply financial. It is a bad investment. One more reason not to fall for cloud-based software is the price per month will go up.

The more users, the larger the server needed. The larger server needed means you pay for their expansion with price increases.

Cloud-based Software is slow & volatile

The cloud-based software is slow and unpredictable. What if the company goes out of business two years in?

At Best Bid, for a brief time we relied on the internet to verify your license each time you logged in. We soon found out that this was a horrible decision. You are in the middle of an estimate and your internet goes down or their internet goes down you are out of luck.

Privacy and Security Risks


While using a cloud-based electrical estimating software makes your business data accessible to you and your employees, it also makes your information accessible to hackers, making it vulnerable to security breaches such as data loss, data leakage, and account hijack.

Technical Problems

Technical problems such as power outages, computer problems, as well as a slow internet connection may affect your cloud-based software usage.

Have you ever lost internet service? What if you are in an area that does not have great internet service or none at all?

Have you ever heard the term MY SERVER CRASHED? Guess what?

Best Bid, you own your software from day one. —–One fee for life—–No extra charges—–No internet needed after you load the software. With Best Bid you own your software.

Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch. Best Bid is the Best way to go.