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Just a few things not to forget!

Electrical Specifications:

Very important.

Reading the specifications will determine your scope of work and what your bid price is based upon. It is important that the General Conditions of the specifications be read thoroughly. Items of importance will include:

The Bid Form

  • This is the when , where and how,
  • You must follow the instructions.
  • Are there any alternates?
  • How to fill out the bid form.

Sales Tax Requirements

  • Is this project exempt from sales tax?


  • Should any cash allowances be included in the bid price?
  • Utility fees?
  • Special insurance?
  • Limits on change orders etc.


  • This may vary from 10% through completion, from 10% to 5% after the job is half complete, or 10% to 0% after the job is half complete.

Temporary Power

  • Who furnishes the temporary power?
  • Who pays for the temporary power consumed?

Progress Reports and Photographs

Will you work through Procore?

Bid Bonds, Security Deposits and Performance Bonds

Minority Clauses and Requirements

Construction Time and Liquidated Damages

Owner Furnished Equipment

Change Orders and Extras

Job Close Out

Once this list has been established, each category can be defined by using a simple code. For example:

FBE = Furnished by Electric

IBE = Installed by Electric

FBO = Furnished by Others

IBO = Installed by Others

Also don’t forget indirect cost.

We will talk about that next time.Electrical Solutions Takeoff Sheet