We receive letter after letter and they all say the same thing. (We need help producing our estimates). It takes too long and we can never bid enough work to keep up with the request.

There are only three things that can change that.

  • Brushing up on your estimating Skills.
  • Spending the time to master an Electrical Estimating Software.
  • Sub some of your projects to a freelance estimator.

It seems like a simple solution but from my experience you never FEEL like you have the extra time to devote to mastering a software.

You have to get to the place where you understand that the time you spend learning to estimate and learning an Estimating Software will pay dividends for the rest of your working life. It is the best ROI that you will ever spend. Let’s face it. You will fail or succeed based on your ability to estimate.

It is equally as important as learning how to install electrical work. You didn’t become an electrician overnight and you want be a seasoned electrical estimator overnight either.

It is an ongoing learning experience, but learning to master a software like the Best Bid Hybrid Pro will take your estimating skills and supercharge your results.

Most people are using some version of an On-Screen Takeoff but Best Bid is the only company that actually has there’s built into the software making moving from the Takeoff to the Estimate flawless.

The lesson here is:

  • Understand the need to brush up on your estimating skills.
  • Take the time to master an Electrical Estimating Software with On-Screen Takeoff.
  • Never stop improving.
  • Forget all the reasons why you don’t have time to do the (3) notes above.

We provide all (4).

All electrical estimating software is not created equal. Here are a few reasons why Best Bid is your best choice.

  • We offer a One-Time Fee for life price.
  • Unlimited License.
  • Free Technical Support.
  • Life-Time Updates.
  • Our Best of the Best is Less than $2,000.00 with no haggle pricing.
  • We offer financing with zero percent interest.
  • We have the only On-Screen Takeoff that is built in to our software not using a third party.
  • We ARE NOT cloud based so no worries of the internet going out during an estimate or having monthly fees.
  • We are estimators and contractors so we know the electrical business, not just sales people.
  • Our software is extremely versatile and can basically mimic most products that are out.
  • Very flexible-User –Friendly-Accurate-Adaptable to change- Create and store separate groups of material for use on other estimates-substitute products.
  • We have an enormous database that is removable to share with other Best Bid users.

Plus it comes with our knowledge of estimating and running electrical companies. That alone is priceless!

800-941-7028——– www.bestbidestimating.com——-We can help.