Someone once pointed out to me that I spend more time on the phone teaching estimating practices and answering questions about estimating than I do almost anything else. So, it seemed like the right thing to do was to just place all of the conversations and questions in a video, so everyone could benefit from it.

We decided to create this estimating class due the vast numbers of Electrical Contractors posting for Estimators in every state. After just a little research it seemed obvious that there was just not a direct path to becoming an estimator. Most companies don’t want to spend their time and money training an estimator. So now this brings us back to the time when you heard
“You stay away from the water until you learn to swim|.

It is often said that experience is the most expensive teacher.”
Let our experience be your teacher.

We reached out to Master Estimator Steve Griffin and a group of seasoned estimators to compile these lessons. The information we will be teaching will take you through the proven steps to successfully estimate any electrical project in the comfort of your home or office and you can learn at your speed.

Just a note: Steve Griffin and his team have been in the electrical industry since 1973 and have seen many changes over the years. They have created software, written books and helped 100’s of estimators better their techniques.

Over the years, there have been many innovative solutions to speed up the installation of electrical work. A good example of this would be PVC raceways or MC Cable over rigid raceways, wire nuts over solder dipped connections, etc. Needless to say, most of the information that you have read about estimating was most likely outdated or written by authors who were not estimators.

The information in these lessons has successfully won Billions of dollars of work and now these groups of professional estimators are sharing this information with you.

We will share with you solid techniques for estimating along with tips and tricks that will save you hours. We will provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in the estimating field. By viewing and applying the lessons in this series, you can take advantage of what others have learned over years of trial and error. There is no need for you to learn the hard way as they did.

By joining these classes you have proven that that you have the desire to improve your knowledge of estimating. Your desire is all we ask for; we will do the rest.”

We are going to teach you not just the basics but detailed instructions that will teach you to estimate or teach you estimate better.
In the upcoming lessons we will be covering:

  • What to look for in the Specifications.
    How to review the entire plans and what items are the important
    How to create a Proposal
    Creating the correct Takeoff
    Turning the Takeoff into an estimate.
    Keeping Historical Data.
    Understanding Assemblies
    Building your own custom made assemblies
    Over Head
    Miscellaneous and  Indirect cost
    Man-Hours-Labor Units
    Labor Cost
    Estimating with Pen and Paper
    Estimating with Excel
    Estimating with Commercial Software
    How to find work
    Getting a job

The information that you will learn in this class will be worth more than money. It will pay dividends all the way through your career. You too can move from the ditch to the office. I loved being in the field as an electrician but I loved more being inside out of the elements and my bones don’t hurt as much at the end of the day. Electrical estimators are in so much of a demand you can pick a place and name your price. No company wants to lose a great Superintendent, it is sad but being good at what you do often times limits your promotions. How many times have you seen Joe who is barley getting by as an electrician get brought into the office taking the spot that should have been yours?
With these lessons your destiny is in your hands.