Reasons to use the Best Bid

10-Reasons to use the Best Bid Hybrid Pro

01. Speed

Using the Best Bid Hybrid Pro will make estimating faster than you could ever imagine. Being able to select an Assembly, enter your quantities, and generate the perfect material list of products that would take hours to produce by hand is amazing. Not only are the materials listed, they are priced, extended, and the time it should take to install is also recorded. Collecting detailed information about the estimate with just a few clicks makes estimating seem effortless.

02.  Accuracy

Spending time massaging your results before doing your first estimate will ensure that the results that you receive are spot on. No more math mistakes or wrong extensions. No more extending a long list of prices or man-hours. Your estimates will be perfect each time.

03. Job Tracking

Once you win the project with the Best Bid Hybrid Pro you will have all of the information to track your project. Each section of work will have a material list and man-hours to track the progress of your job. Your schedule of values will have already been created in groups to manage. No more guessing about the material or time that is needed to finish a portion of a project.

04. Making Adjustments to your estimate.

Almost every estimate will require changes. With the Best Bid, Hybrid Pro changes are easy. You can substitute items, or change raceways or conductors. Change from Copper to Aluminum conductors easily. Adding or deleting items is no longer a chore.

05. Request for Quotes.

As you complete your estimate your material is grouped for a quotation. This can be sent as summarized totals or broken out in phases such as the first floor, second floor, etc. You will have Request for Quotes for your Lighting, Gear, and your Rough-in or Raw Material.

06. Proposal.

With a perfect estimate, you need the perfect proposal. The Best Bid Hybrid Pro comes with a built-in Proposal Master that lets you create the proposal you want. Include as little or as much information as you want.

07. Details of the estimate.

Having a price is important but it does not stop there. You will have any report that you need.

Material summary, Assembly summary, Man Hour breakouts. Schedule of values, Parts List, Summary Report, Worksheet Report, Other Cost, and many more. Tracking your project has never been easier. The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the best electrical estimating software on the market today and comes with a built-in On-Screen Takeoff.

08.  Built-In On-Screen Takeoff.

Having the On-Screen Takeoff built into the software ensures a flawless connection between the takeoff and the estimate. This is a feature that is unique to Best Bid. We own our own OST and it is the best on the market. Being able to do your counting and measuring directly from your computer screen is a major advantage. Not only eliminating the need for printing plans you will have everything you need in one file.

09.  Removable Database.

The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the only software with a removable database. This allows you to share your database with other Best Bid users. Start an estimate at work and finish it at home after hours. Take a master database and create your personal defaults and dropdowns then share the master with your other employees.

10.  The Worksheet.

The worksheet is a great place to review the final estimate. It will show you the estimate broken out into rough in material, labor, quotes, quote labor, other costs, and list the low vendors. It will also allow you to add extra markup if you desire. On the worksheet, there is an overwrite that will allow you to replace your rough-in material with a quoted price.