A customer calls me and says man my company is having all kinds of issues. Everything is going wrong. We are losing money and I can’t keep employees on the job. Covid is making everything harder than it use to be. I really need some help. I need some kind of estimating program, bidding software, one of those electrical cost estimation software things that you guys sell. I have been thinking about buying the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. I have been looking at it and talking to you on and off about it for about a year or so but I got to do something and stop talking about it. This is the worst year that I have had and I am not sure I can keep going.

He then says I need to purchase your electrical bidding software but I am not sure I can afford it.
He then said if I pull the trigger and purchase the Best Bid Hybrid Pro I think all my problems will go away don’t you?

I had to pause for a minute and then I said “let’s talk about this for a minute”.
I had to remove all salesmanship from the equation. This is like selling a gun to a guy that is wanting to kill himself.

I am thinking to myself.  Electrical Cost Estimation Program…. Electrical Estimation… Electrical Estimate program… where in the world is he getting this terminology?
 We sell Electrical Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff software so he has been all over the internet looking for help with his electrical estimating. Maybe he needs to enroll in our Electrical Estimating Class.

If you are having issues with your bids the question may be not can you afford the software but can you not afford to have the software.  It seem like today every electrical contractor is booming so why is he struggling?

Then I start with this parable.

Let’s start by saying that you need to do a lot of traveling and you need to save time getting to where you want to go.

Driving is just way too slow and you actually want to travel in style.
Let’ say that you purchase a Lier Jet. This Jet has everything that you need to get from point A to point B.

It will travel fast and it will also provide you comfort.

But if you purchase this Lier Jet and you don’t know how to fly it does not do you a lot of good.

It is not the jet’s fault. The Jet has ever thing needed to do just what you wanted it to do. The Jet may be the answer but part of that answer is you must learn to fly.

So to answer your original question, will purchasing the Best Bid Hybrid Pro correct all of your issues?

How well can you estimate electrical projects?

My friend pauses and say Steve I want to learn to fly.

So we talk more and I tell him we offer a great On Line School for Electrical Estimating that would be a great start, getting a solid foundation of how to estimate is a great start.  http://electricalestimatingclass.com

Once you have a good understanding of how to estimate in general. How to turn your take off into an estimate kind of thing. This is a good start. Owning a program to estimate electrical projects is part of the equation but electrical estimating software will only get you so far if you don’t know anything about electrical estimating in the first place.
At Best Bid we have always been about giving solid information and helping those that call more than being about selling software. Especially about selling software to someone that does not need it.

So my advice was we offer the best Electrical Estimating Software on the market hands down.

It will help you win jobs and it will help you track jobs. There isn’t anything close to the Best Bid Hybrid Pro especially for the price we sell it at.

It can solve many of your issues,

Here is the 1000LB gorilla in the room.

Just purchasing our estimating software or any electrical estimation software for that fact does not help you at all. It is learning the software that makes all the difference in the world. We can create the best electrical estimating software and we can bundle it with On-Screen Takeoff but we can’t make you spend the time to learn it. The learning is up to you. Yes we will teach you and give you the tools to learn.

My story about purchasing without learning.

I love to fish. It is my passion. It is something that I have liked since I was very youg and I have never lost the passion for it. I really enjoy being out on the water. Even if I don’t catch a lot it is still fun but actually it is more fun to catch than not catch.

I purchased a pretty high dollar fish finder. It is not really a fish finder but for the purpose of this post that is what I will call it.

I bought it. Paid a lot of money for it. Put it on my boat. Went fishing.

I didn’t catch any more fish that I did without it.

I turned the fish finder on every time I went fishing for the next year. I could not see fish nor could I see structure. Over and over I said this is the worst fish finder I have ever had.

I pushed this button and that button and it just got worse and worse.

I finally didn’t even turn it on when I went fishing. What a waste and it just drained the battery and I was convinced that this was maybe the worst fish finder on the market.

To make the long story short. I did just like many of our customers do. I purchased a complicated product and just tried to figure it out. I didn’t read anything or study the guide. I just thought it should work.

Well it was like the Lier Jet. The fish finder had everything that it needed to do what it does. I just failed to do my part. I started watching YouTube videos on the best fish finder. Time and time again the one I purchased came up.

After I decided to actually sit down and learn how to use the fish finder it is fantastic.

The moral to the story is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

We can sell you the right products but we can’t make you learn how to use them.

Just like the fish finder once the investment of time is made to learn it I love it.

We can do our part but you have to do yours as well.

The rest is easy. Making a tweak here and there to help your company grow is what we are all about. We want to see you succeed.

Let us show you a better way to estimate electrical project. HTTPS://bestbidestimating.com