The Easy Path

There is an easy path to creating an accurate electrical estimate reasonably fast. The answer is simple. “Spend endless hours learning how”.

You must be willing to spend time learning how to estimate in the first place. Then master software to take what you already know and turn it into an electrical estimate that you are comfortable with. For instance at Best Bid we offer the best electrical estimating and on-screen takeoff software that can you can purchased. Our electrical bid software is easy, fast accurate, and affordable. Moreover a company like ours has the expertise to help you with all if your electrical estimating needs. This knowledge is a service that can’t be purchased.

Consequently the Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the most incredible software that we have seen and even a novice can take the default settings and create an electrical estimate that is in the ball park. In fact just like a race car, most people can get in and drive it around the race track but it takes practice to drive it like a pro.

Being good is not by accident

All the same principles that make someone good at anything also apply to electrical estimating. The racecar driver is unlikely to win a race no matter how good he can drive without the help of a great car and team. Let Best Bid be your team for electrical estimating. Why Best Bid, because we have a proven track record of helping electrical contractors just like you.

We can furnish you with the best electrical software that you can purchase and we can also provide you with the best support that you can get anywhere. Above all we can also teach you to estimate like a pro.

All we need is a person with the desire to learn!

It won’t happen overnight but if you think estimating is hard or takes too long we have the tools to solve those issues. Especially if you are just not comfortable with your estimates we can solve that as well. As a result it doesn’t have to be hard! Let our knowledge of estimating electrical projects spring you forward. At Best Bid we estimate and create electrical estimating software every day. Subsequently this is who we are and what we do.

We can offer great advice and get you on the road producing quality electrical estimates in no time.

The same story

We hear the same story every day. There are a couple of versions but they are all basically the same. We receive many request from Software Advice   and you almost don’t have to read their report. Everyone has the same need.

Joe needs to streamline his electrical estimating. It is taking him too long to create his estimates. He needs software that will help produce estimates that includes an On-Screen Takeoff. Now here is where the story differs.

  • Joe has been doing estimating by hand and needs to become more modern.
  • He has been working in the field and does not have a lot of experience in electrical estimating.
  • The Son is taking over the shop from his Father and his Father did everything by hand but Joe knows there is a better way.

Which version are you?

Whichever version you are we have you covered.
We can teach you to estimate or estimate better.

Our staff has been in the electrical estimating game for years. Furthermore we have helped over 3000 electrical contractors and we can help you too!

In brief we offer the most affordable electrical bidding software that you can purchase. Moreover you want get these features anywhere else:

  • Unlimited License
  • Free Tech Support
  • Life-Time Updates
  • One price –One time for life.
  • Built in On-Screen Takeoff
  • Zero percent financing if needed all for under $2,000.00

If you are interested in making the move to electrical estimating software there isn’t a need to go anywhere else. We have you covered.   or call 800-941-7028