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Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has anything that you need to be a successful electrical estimator.

What sets us apart from the competition.

  • We can teach you to estimate or estimate better, because we are not sales people we are electricians, estimators, and contractors that know your business.
  • All we do is electrical so all of our attention is focused on your industry.
  • Our software was created by electricians for electricians. We know how to estimate and we know what you need to estimate. We make it as simple as possible to use, while providing high tech solutions for your estimating needs.
  • We post our true One-Time Fee pricing on the website so nothing is ever a surprise
    Free Technical Support.
    Free extra license.
    Free updates.
    No yearly fees ever.

You can even trade up to the next product and use you full purchase price toward your next purchase. Check out our pricing at: Best Bid Estimating
We are extremely affordable but also offer zero interest finance plans if needed.

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Products we offer:

Best Bid    – Estimating Only

Best Bid Hybrid  – Estimating and Take-Off

Best Bid Hybrid Pro    – Best of the Best Estimating and Take-Off

Digi Count    – Take-Off Only

Accura-CADD    – Drawing and Modifications

Free Lance Estimating    – Let us do some or all of your estimating.

We also offer the following:

PFD modification tools to do As-Built drawings or modify PDF for your guys in the field.

Imagine recognition software

Bid Keeper    – Project Management


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