• Digi Count Takeoff Pro

    The Digi Count Takeoff Pro is our stand-alone On-Screen Takeoff Software. If you need to count and measure from a PDF drawing, this is the software for you. It’s the only digital takeoff software designed especially for the electrical contractor.

    Accurate and competitive estimates are essential in any market.

    Successful companies have one thing in common: They are constantly searching for estimating tools that increase efficiency and decrease costs. One of the most important and time-consuming challenges for any estimator is transferring their counts and measurements from a set of drawings into their estimates.

    Make No Mistake — Paper Estimating Will Be Phased Out! Don’t Be Left Behind!

    With Digi Count Takeoff Pro, you can count and measure directly from your computer screen. And It’s simple!

    Get Started Today & Revolutionize the Way Your Company Does Takeoffs.

    Sharing blueprints electronically is an industry trend that is increasing in popularity. Direct integration with online plan rooms, along with the speed and ease of sharing plans via email, makes the world of digital plans an extremely attractive choice for most contractors.

    Conventional paper plans will soon disappear, just like the outdated method of paper estimating.

    Digital takeoff technology or performing your takeoffs directly from your computer screen is an innovative solution that revolutionizes the way you perform takeoffs. Instead of using paper plans, Digi Count Takeoff Pro with Digital Takeoff Technology allows you to label, count, and measure various materials and lengths for easy recognition directly from your computer screen.

    Paperless estimating is not the future but the present, saving you time, space, and money — and it’s eco-friendly! The cost to print hard copies of standard D-size drawings can run up to $5.50 per page, making the purchase of the Digi Count Takeoff Pro by 1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software virtually free.

    Digi Count Takeoff pro’s Digital Takeoff Technology will revolutionize the way your company performs takeoffs.

    Don’t be left behind!

    Digi Count

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    Digi Count Takeoff Pro / Auto Count

    Only available with the Best Bid Hybrid

    The Digi Count Takeoff Pro/Auto Count is the newest on-screen takeoff technology on the market today!

    The Auto Count Symbol recognition software almost does your takeoff for you. Check it out in the Best Bid Hybrid video located on the home page.

    The Digi Count Takeoff Pro/Auto Count allows you to do your takeoffs directly from your computer screen and then transfer your counts and measurements directly to the estimate. The future of paperless estimating is approaching, and soon everyone will perform their takeoffs using Digital Takeoff Technology.

    You can have the future today.

    Digi Count Takeoff Pro by 1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software.