• 1st Choice Electrical Residential Estimator

    1st Choice Electrical Residential Estimator


    1CEES Residential Estimator

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    You have asked us to create an estimating software to fit the needs of the most overlooked segment of the electrical industry.

    “The Residential Contractor”

    We listened to your needs and have created the only estimating software designed just for the Residential Contractor.

    The 1st Choice Electrical Residential Estimator, like all 1CEES software is extremely user friendly.

    You will no longer need to guess what material to take to the project or lose money by quoting a square foot price.

    With the 1CEES Residential Software you will know your cost.

    We all know that TIME is such an important factor to the bottom line. You will be glad to know that with the Residential Estimator you can perform a complete estimate in only minutes after you have your counts.

    The perfect tool for quoting single-family dwellings!
    To purchase by phone call toll free 800-941-7028

    This product requires Microsoft Windows to operate.If you have any questions about this product please don’t hesitate to give us a call or inquire via e-mail. Thank you for your interest in 1CEES products.