Best Bid Hybrid Takeoff/Estimating Section

The Best Bid Hybrid is the fastest electrical estimating software on the market.
It is a one-of-a-kind software that flawlessly blends the power of estimating software with the convenience of takeoff software reducing many steps once needed to perform an accurate estimate.

This truly amazing software will reduce your estimating time by:

  • Eliminating the need for paper plans
  • Automatically transferring your counts and measurements to your estimate
  • Automatically counting selected symbols
  • Letting you count & measure as fast as you can click your mouse.
We have combined the Best Bid with the Digi Count Takeoff Pro / Auto Count software to bring you the best of both worlds.

The Best Bid Hybrid Section

  • Import PDF drawings directly into your computer
  • Perform takeoffs by viewing the plans directly from your computer screen
  • Select a viewing screen that captures specific parts of the drawings or view the entire project.
  • Create and name unlimited groups
  • Pan through the drawings
  • Zoom in or out for a better view
  • Rotate the view
  • Count items located on the plans
  • Measure lengths from point A to point
  • Choose different colors for your tags and lines to keep them organized
  • Select the “Auto Count” feature and have the software search for specific items for you
  • Import and name multiple drawings
  • Customize different size for lines and tags to suit your needs
  • Use the existing “Tag Database” of common electrical items, or create your own
  • Edit the existing library Tags, or create and store new Tags on-the-fly
  • Save the drawing inside of your estimating software for future review
  • Use the “Master Control Panel” to make navigation extremely easy
  • Access existing assemblies that are ready for your quantities, or create new ones
  • Enjoy the flexible on the fly changes for raceways, fittings, conductors, etc./li>
  • Use the “Unlimited Database” to create new product groups, import new items, or make changes to the existing items
  • Create and save an unlimited amount of “Custom Assemblies”
  • Make changes to all dropdown menus
  • Take advantage of our preselected “Switch and Receptacle Assemblies” that are automatically ready for quantities
  • Review the “Worksheet” to review your completed estimate before presentation.
  • Use your computer prices, or use the overwrite button to enter a complete job quote
  • Feel save with the “Autosave” feature so you never take a chance of losing your work
  • Prepare and fax quote requests directly from your takeoff
  • Completely adjustable all labor breakdowns
  • Review the “Labor Report” that shows your-labor summarized for each item, phase, or assembly
  • Change the, labor difficulty. Your changes may be applied to each assembly or the whole project
  • Take advantage of the,“Crew Designer” feature, to group your employees for the next project
  • Have the ability to incorporate labor burdens,and use your true labor rates, or choose a single-price labor fee
  • Add profit margins,that may be applied individually or, applied to each quote, or assembly as needed
  • Update your pricing with “Netpricer”, for material price updates, with subscription
  • Click items from the database to enter new items into worksheet
  • Review the visible,“Audit Trail” which is available at anytime during your estimate
  • Select from, built assemblies, for all major sections of work: Lighting, Switches, Receptacles, Stub-ups, Branches, Fire Alarm, Site, Feeders, and more
  • Alter the items in the database, create your own custom ID numbers, make duplicate entries of the same item, or export the entire database for editing
  • Feel safe by having alarms for incorrect entries
  • You may review your estimate by looking at your reports, “Request for Quotes”, “Man-hour Worksheets”, “Audit Trail”, or the overall “Worksheet”
  • Know your subtotals for each assembly, and have the ability to change the labor and material as needed for difficulty
  • Copy and paste between jobs or worksheets
  • Complete the “Site PVC” all from one screen
  • Take advantage of our one time fee, which includes the amazing Chameleon Flex Database
  • Use the request for quotations for your lighting, gear, and all material. This can be sorted by “Phases” or,“Sections”, or shown in a complete list of material without duplicates
  • This is just a small list of features that will be provided with the “Best Bid Hybrid” software package. All these features, combined with, customized labor units and the ability to create bids right out of the box, makes “Best Bid Hybrid” the Estimator’s Choice for Electrical Estimating Software.
  • Utilize labor tracking
  • Enter your quotations, and have the Best Best Bid electrical estimating software choose the lowest price.
This is just a small list of features that will be provided with the “Best Bid” software. All of these features combined with customized labor units and the ability to create bids right out of the box makes “Best Bid” the Estimators Choice for Electrical Estimating Software.

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