Electrical estimating software can organize and streamline any electrical contractor’s business. These programs don’t just estimate time and cost, they also reduce mistakes, save time, and give the user information to track the job, create material list, and provide the Project Manager the information they need to bring the project in on time. Simply put: Electrical estimating software elevates the contractor to a different level.
It is hard to reach your goals if you don’t have adequate tools.
Would you send your crews out in trucks that broke down every time they left the shop? Would you give your electricians plans that had missing pages, ladders with missing rungs, or maybe the wrong address to the job? I assume not.  So why would you try to operate your electrical company without the proper tools to make it a success?
Do you need a good Electrical Estimating Software? No in fact you need the best electrical estimating software which is the Best Bid Hybrid Pro.
https://www.bestbidestimating.com. Best Bid will take your company to the next level, increase your win-loss ratio, save you time, and give you the tools that you need such as On-Screen Takeoff and all the reports that you need to compete with the competition. To be competitive in the electrical market today you must PURCHASE & LEARN ELECTRICAL ESTIMATING SOFTWARE

One key note is just purchasing a software want change your life but learning how to use it will. There are clear steps in how to become an electrician. Many companies will send you through an apprenticeship program where you will have classroom experience and field experience as well. Many companies will hire you and let you work under a journeyman as an apprentice to learn the trade. They are usually eager for you to learn because the more you know and do the less they have to do. So how do you learn to estimate? Best bid has a fantastic on-line school for electrical estimating that teaches you how to estimate or how to estimate better. http://electricalestimatingclass.com
Learning how to estimate electrical projects and learning the Best Bid software will give you the edge when your company is looking for a new estimator. These on-line classes will take you from the ditch to the office.
You will fail or succeed based on your ability to estimate. This is why you must PURCHASE & LEARN ELECTRICAL ESTIMATING SOFTWARE.

There is always a disconnect when starting a company that has to happen mentally and physically and this is getting you out of the field working with your tools and into the driver’s seat.  Your goal has to be getting enough work and enough employees that you can start micromanaging your projects putting a little of yourself into each of your projects. Winning and bidding more work is a large part of this process and it is almost impossible to do without the help of electrical estimating software. When an electrical contractor does bid projects, estimating software makes a night a day difference. Or as CEE News contributing editor Mike Holt puts it: Estimating software allows a contractor to spend more time with the family, more time organizing and managing the company and more time estimating additional jobs for business expansion. Further, says Holt, a computer-assisted estimate is more complete and more accurate than manual estimating and can be completed in less than one-fourth the time. Also, computer estimates make you more confident about your bid price being correct, so you’ll communicate a higher level of professionalism. We will add that this can be accomplished with the right electrical estimating software like the Best Bid Hybrid Pro by Best Bid. All estimating software is not the same. Some are very hard to use while others are nothing more than a shopping cart to add items into an estimate. Best Bid offers fully automated estimating and that is what you are looking for. It is never too soon to PURCHASE & LEARN ELECTRICAL ESTIMATING SOFTWARE.

The larger your company, the larger your projects and, therefore, the larger your problems or so it would seem but larger companies are already using electrical estimating software and getting the correct information that they need to be successful. Having the right bid is the foundation of the job. It all starts with having a solid estimate. Then having the correct information from the estimate gives you the tools you need to track the project. Also larger companies attract better employees so it could be said that by growing your company larger and streamlining the process with the proper tools, hiring top employees, makes life easier. This is another reason to purchase and learn Electrical Estimating Software.

As your electrical contracting business grows, the number of computers and software programs you needs also increases. But many mom-and-pop size shops, with plenty of other problems on their minds, either think that they can’t afford to purchase software or have the time to learn it if they did  They are struggling just to get all that has to be done completed in a day. Things go undone, you make mistakes, orders don’t get placed on time, and you end up reacting to problems in lieu of being proactive. The question is not can I afford software but can you afford not to have software. Estimating software will speed up your estimating and keep your costs accurate. New technology keeps making it easier, particularly when vendors join forces to combines technologies within their own companies and with other vendors. Best Bid has partnered with NetPricer-NetPak   http://www.netpricer.net along with Real Time Pricing http://electricalestimating.net to provide you with automatic price updates. It is important to keep your pricing updated. These companies do a great job at helping you manage your pricing. This is another reason to PURCHASE & LEARN ELECTRICAL ESTIMATING SOFTWARE

Electrical estimating software gets smarter, faster and, in most cases, less expensive each year. A good estimating system should help you quickly and accurately determine the cost of a job, and includes all anticipated costs, said Mike Holt. The system must be efficient, accurate and attempt to prevent common mistakes. It should have a method to verify that the estimate is accurate. (See www.mikeholt.com for more estimating tips.)

Some of the more popular estimating software programs include the dozen products that follow. I can save you time and also money. Look at what the others have to offer then you will see that the Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the best electrical estimating software you can purchase.
The price is less than $2,000.00; Anything that comes close to offering what the BBHP does starts at $7,500.00. The BBHP also offers:

Unlimited License
Free Tech support
Life-Time Updates
Comes with built in On-Screen Takeoff

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software, This Company has to be the most innovative electrical estimating software company we have used. It comes with a built in On-Screen Takeoff in lieu of using a third party company. It’s only focus is electrical and it has been in business for well over 20 years. It also offers On-Line estimating classes and the popular Accura Cadd PDF Draw that modifies or creates electrical drawings.
The software is very modern and is easier to use than some of the outdated software that is still hanging around.

Accubid. This company produces several estimating and billing software programs. The company’s estimating line (Accubid-Pro, BidWinner Plus, BidWinner and PowerBid) are said to be the only estimating software packages authorized by Microsoft to use the Designed for Windows NT and Windows 98 logo. In addition, the products are now Windows 2000 compliant.

Cert-in Software Systems Inc. This company produces the popular, multifeature TRF Estimating Software. They recently announced a partnership with Trade Service to integrate the TRF with the TRA-SE electronic price book.

Conac. Conac’s Trackpoint, with a true multi-user capability available, allows several estimators to input into a single estimate. The system is designed to upload all major pricing catalogues. City Cost Indexes allow instant cost adjustment for 130 cities.

Durand & Associates. Durand makes Doubleclick, which they say is the most simple and easy to use estimating program in the industry. The entire program is based upon standard (NECA Type) pricing sheets. The software features Point & Click Pricing and a 29,000 part database.

Estimation Inc. Estimation’s Bidmaster NET Series estimating system is a fast, accurate program for bidding. Based on the input of thousands of electrical professionals, the software’s head-down approach to estimating is developed specifically for the needs of electrical contractors. It allows users to focus on job plans during takeoff, not the computer screen. A Customizable Database, Bidmaster NET’s comprehensive database is equipped to handle all phases of electrical work.

Jaffe Software Systems. Jaffee offers the Power Estimator!, a fast, easy-to-use program for, itemized estimating, proposal/contracts, bid summary, labor-hour units, purchase orders, work orders, quote requests, part lists, job phasing, and estimate reports. The company also offers the Scalex PlanWheel, which scans info from prints, maps, and blueprints.

MC2. Estimating has been this vendor’s only focus for the past 32 years. Software ranges from conceptual estimates down to nuts and bolts for electrical contractors.

McCormick Systems. More than 7,000 companies are said to use this vendor’s estimating products. Back in 1997, McCormick reported that it sold estimating software to more than 47% of the nation’s top 300 electrical contractors. The other 53% either did not use estimating software, had their own in-house programs or used estimating from other suppliers The company offers the Win6000 and Win8000 estimating products.

Timberline Software Corporation. Timberline’s Precision Collection estimating software streamlines the estimating process from conceptual estimate to final bill of materials. The software is said to be 50% faster than typical systems, offering accurate takeoff tools and a variety of ways to view and analyze the estimate.

Trade Service. The computerized price book people are best known for their TRA-SER Pro price book, Electrical Price reference guide, and the Electrical Trade Book products for electrical contractors.

Vision Infosoft. More than 6,000 electrical contractors are said to use Vision’s software programs. The company’s most popular products include the Time and Material Billing Program, the Material Express instant real-time pricing and the Electrical Bid Manager estimating software for windows. The company also offers the Scalex PlanWheel, which scans info from prints, maps and blueprints.

WinEstimator Inc. They were said to be the first company to offer both Cost Estimating and Cost Accounting solutions in the Windows environment. They have more than 3,000 users worldwide.


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