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You woke up today with an increasable desire to change the way your company is estimating electrical projects. Furthermore, you know that you have fallen behind on technology. You finally understand that you must have electrical estimating software to compete. 

What you have not discovered so far is how many estimating products there are on the market.

You have also not discovered that it is not that easy to sort through the choices.

Basically, they all say the same thing. We can save you time, we are easy to use and of course, we can win you more work at a greater profit. 

Subsequently, when you started looking for electrical estimating software you might have thought that you would just GOOGLE electrical estimating software and the first name that shows up is most likely the best choice.

Google has changed. It sells most of the first page to the highest bidder. It sells the top spots on the other pages as well. As a result, I did a GOOGLE search and the following companies showed up. I have nothing bad to say about any of these companies. I don’t know anything good or bad about any of them because they are not electrical estimating software companies at all.

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Not what you were looking for?

I don’t think you would find what you were looking for in the list above.

Since I do know electrical estimating software I will help you out with some choices.

Below is a list of Electrical Estimating Software Companies.
Material Costs in Real-Time | Electrical Estimating Software
Cloud-Based Takeoff & Electrical Estimating Software – Esticom › electrical-estimating
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TurboBid Construction Estimating Software – TurboBid
Electrical Estimating Software – Power! Estimator



Electrical Estimating Software Choices

Above is a list of the most popular software that is available so how do you choose one?

This is my opinion. You may have completely different views.

I have been estimating with software for a very long time and I have used most of these titles.

These are my thoughts.

  1. I stay away from cloud-based software for many reasons.
    A. You never own them.
    B. Once you start you have a never-ending fee and someone owns your estimates.
    C. If the internet goes down or a server goes down you can’t estimate.
    D. You can’t estimate where there isn’t internet.E.As the company grows their servers must grow and so will your monthly fee.
  2. I like to use an On-Screen Takeoff so this is important to me. Not everyone offers this feature.
    A. Some that offer OST use a third party to perform this function and they don’t always pair well together.
    B. I like this to be part of the software so I know it works well together.
    C. Being located in the same software also gives me 1 point of contact to call.
  3. Some software just costs too much. There is a price that is just too high to pay when you can get the same features for ½ price.
     A. Software is expensive and I am not saying choose software based on price alone.
  4. Some companies charge a lot of hidden fees that they are not quite upfront about.
    A. They charge for every license that you use. This can get costly.
    B. hey charge for updates.
    C. They will charge you if your computer crashes and you need new software.
    D. They charge for Tech support.
    E. They charge for new features.
  5. Some of these are good software as long as you don’t have any questions.
    A. Some just don’t understand electrical talk or the needs of electrical estimators.
    B. Some could not estimate a project if they have a year to do it.
    C. Some have never been electricians or estimators. Look for someone you feel good about that can answer your questions.
  6. Look for someone that has been in business for years.
    A. Most of these companies have been around for a while.
  7. One of the most important things to look for is to make sure the software has a friendly interface.
    A. When you look at any new software for the first time don’t expect to know how to create an estimate day 1, but you should not feel overwhelmed.
    B. You should have a rough idea of at least how to get started.
    C. Where to go, how to enter Lights, Switches, Receptacles etc.

Choose which one looks less complicated to learn.


McCormick Systems


Best Bid Hybrid Pro

Vision Infosoft



Did you make a choice?


Considering that all the software above will basically do electrical estimating. See which one seems easier to use and is in a price range that you can live with.

Some of these companies offer to finance and some with zero percent interest if that is important.

The goal of this post is to save you time when searching for electrical estimating software. Most lists you will see on the internet are paid for by the software company. They are not true best 5 or best 10 lists. The companies that paid are the ones listed.

If you would like to talk about Electrical Estimating Software I can help. Give me a call. 800-941-7028