Lost time F. Storage and Job trailers G. Temporary Office H. Clean up I. Bonds J. Plans K. Lifts L. Scaffolding M. Tie wire to independently suspend fixtures when needed Overhead and Profit So far, we have addressed the cost raw cost of material and labor. Once you arrive at the raw cost of a project, the next step is to add OVERHEAD. Overhead is the cost of doing business. This is covered in detail in our book entitled Steps To A Successful Business “How to start or improve your business.” The final step is to add profit and submit your bid. Submit Bid Follow all instructions to bidders. I can’t emphasize this enough. Whenever possible, clarify your scope of work in detail. Make sure you qualify as much as practical: 1. Include your terms of payment. 2. Qualify that work to be performed is during normal working hours only 3. List of items you will be including 4. Underground or overhead service 5. Size of service 6. Wiring is to be as per NEC requirements 7. Pricing is valid for 45 working days from Proposal date. 8. Change Orders to be priced at: