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Don’t Tell Me -Another Addendum

Surely not another change, You will never eliminate changes in construction estimating  but you can stop the problems that come with managing your revised drawings. With the Accura Cadd PDF Draw software you can overlap new drawings on top of the original drawings to easily identify changes.  The aggravation of addendums  is a familiar scene.  Estimator receives a bid request for a project that he’s very interested in bidding. He spends a couple days performing a takeoff and gathering his material and subcontractor quotes. Then, right when he gets his sales price put together, boom, he receives a revised set of drawings. Now he has to reviews the new drawings to find drawing changes and we're not talking about title block or drawing number changes. To make matters worse the changes...
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It All Starts With The Estimate

It all starts with the estimate. The role of an electrical estimator is one that is highly specialized and extremely important. The estimate is the foundation of the project. It is also one of the most rewarding.  Electrical estimators in the US took home a median pay of $68, 800 with a top industry pay of $176, 000 plus bonus, 401K, phone, insurance, truck, etc.  It is also a career path with very bright future prospects, expecting to see a growth of 36.4% over the next decade. Over 185,000 jobs will be available in this sector over the same period of time. There is no standalone degree in electrical estimating, so anyone interested in pursuing this career path can follow various routes in order to achieve their dream. Best Bid Electrical...
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Best Bid Hybrid Pro

Steve with Best Bid. I don’t get the chance to address you guys and gals directly very often. I spend my time estimating and tweaking how things can work better. Electrical Estimating Software is a living thing and needs attention. New technology is coming forth every month and finding ways to implement it into our software is part of what I do. We estimate every day and we have used McCormick, Conest, Infosoft, and Accubid just to name a few and we can get the same outcome from each of these software. These are not bad products and if you spend the time ( and money) learning them they will work for you. So you may ask, why did you build the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. Glad you asked. These...
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Update your Software Prices

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has just purchased Real Time Pricing. . We can now help you with keeping your prices updated. Real Time Pricing is an affordable way to keep your A list items up to date. All of Real Time Pricing data matches Best Bid’s 100% so there is no need to modify UPC codes etc. We still work closely with NetPricer for more advance price updates. Also visit us at:  800-941-7028
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Take the time to Succeed

We receive letter after letter and they all say the same thing. (We need help producing our estimates). It takes too long and we can never bid enough work to keep up with the request. There are only three things that can change that. Brushing up on your estimating Skills.Spending the time to master an Electrical Estimating Software.Sub some of your projects to a freelance estimator. It seems like a simple solution but from my experience you never FEEL like you have the extra time to devote to mastering a software. You have to get to the place where you understand that the time you spend learning to estimate and learning an Estimating Software will pay dividends for the rest of your working life. It is the best ROI that...
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Direct Cost

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software-www.bestbidestimating-800-941-7028 You are missing more jobs than you think you should. You just don’t understand why. You feel like you have a good estimate but you just keep losing jobs. Let’s face it. Sometimes you will just be bidding against people that just don’t have a clue or someone that made a mistake. Here is another reason you may be losing jobs. “Direct Cost” More and more I am finding that people and getting the estimate right but they just don’t quite know what their Over Head, Profit, and Labor Burden is. Let’s say you are bidding against (4) reputable contractors. You have mastered the Best Bid Hybrid Pro and you complete your estimate. For a starting point you and the other (3) contractors should be...
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Freelance Drafting Services

Just when we think that we could not offer any more products or services to help Electrical Contractors like you ,we think of something new. We are now doing Freelance Drafting. Let us do you simple As-Build Drawings, Panel Schedules, Lighting Layouts, We can make simple modifications to any PDF or full blown drawings. For the price we charge you can’t afford to do it yourself. Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software-On-Screen Takeoff Solutions-Freelance Estimating-Online Electrical Estimating Classes-Drafting we do it all. Just let us know how we can help you with any of your electrical needs. Consulting, setting up your shop correctly, how to manage man-hours, anything electrical we can do. Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software-Not just better –The Best!
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Top 4 reasons not to fall for cloud-based Electrical Estimating software

Don’t fall for the cloud-based electrical estimating software. The only reason it exists is to drain your wallet. If they can sucker you into this lame idea after you get so far in you are a customer for life. Any financial adviser will tell you not to lease a car and don’t sign up for never-ending services. The key to financial success is to spend less than you make. Cloud-based software is a dreadful Investment The first reason is simply financial. It is a bad investment. One more reason not to fall for cloud-based software is the price per month will go up. The more users, the larger the server needed. The larger server needed means you pay for their expansion with price increases. Cloud-based Software is slow & volatile...
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Historical Data

I have made the statement that companies that try to price their work by the Square will one day go broke. No one has proven me wrong to date.  This is a horrible way to price your work for so many reasons. First, the square foot of a project often times has little to do with most of the key factors. Lighting package, gear package, location of the service, electric heat or gas heat, what is included in the site and the list goes on and on. You also don’t have a material list to work with and no way to actually track the project. For example: A hospital will cost more than a warehouse. With that being said something that is very valuable is Historical data.  If you are...
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If You Estimate or Ever Think about Purchasing an Electrical Estimating software !

If you estimate or ever think about purchasing an electrical estimating software please read this. +++++IF++++ you will read this to the end it can change your life. Over the last 20 years I have written and developed Electrical Estimating Software. I have been estimating for more years than I can count. My goal would be for 100% of the people that purchase our software (or any software) to become “Masters” at it and for it to become an everyday tool for them to use. For years I thought, we are offering a fantastic product at a ridiculously low price. We offer lots of free training tools to make it easy to learn. We are here to answer questions. No doubt that 100% of every user will benefit and become...
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