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    Understanding Man-Hours Every proper electrical estimate must include the time that it will take to install all of the material.
    Note: As shown in the example above, I suggest scaling each feeder and recording the distance on the one line
    Next, look to see if you have access to the HVAC equipment schedule to determine what kind of units will
    The feeders can be fast and easy to record, but this is also where the big money is, so spend
    Note: Read the specifications and determine what type of raceway and fittings that you will be using. Record the type
    Creating your assembly Now that you have the quantities recorded, it is time to create an assembly. This terminology is
    Switch Takeoff The next step in the natural progression of the estimate would be to count the devices. We start
    M=Moderate---Recessed lights installed in a lay in ceiling 9’ tall or less. C. D=Difficult---Bay fixture installed off a lift. D.
    Lighting Takeoff We suggest that you perform the lighting takeoff first. It is often the first page of the drawings