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Accura Cadd

The new Accura Cadd now has an overlay feature/ This is really a must have software. It does so many things for your company you cant get by without it! We use it everyday.  
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Estimating Classes

We will be starting a new class soon on Electrical Estimating. Let us know if interested in joining. Just a few things not to forget! Electrical Specifications: Very important. Reading the specifications will determine your scope of work and what your bid price is based upon. It is important that the General Conditions of the specifications be read thoroughly. Items of importance will include: The Bid Form This is the when , where and how, You must follow the instructions. Are there any alternates? How to fill out the bid form. Sales Tax Requirements Is this project exempt from sales tax? Allowances Should any cash allowances be included in the bid price? Utility fees? Special insurance? Limits on change orders etc. Retainage This may vary from 10% through completion, from...
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Accura Cadd by Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

We have just added a new overlay feature to the Accura Cadd making a fantastic product even better. Make drawings from scratch, use it for As-Builds, check for changes in new drawings. This is a great addition to any electrical estimating software. Accura Cadd PDF Draw by Best Bid Ask us for free electrical estimating help 800-941-7028
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Best Bid –Always first with Free Electrical Estimating Help

Best Bid Estimating and Takeoff Solutions offers comprehensive Windows-based electrical contracting estimating software for commercial, industrial and residential contractors. Best Bid offers three levels of estimating programs – Best Bid –Best Bid Hybrid-Best Bid Hybrid Pro. Each level serves a particular set of contractors, from individual contractors and small service firms to multi-million dollars contracting firms. Best Bid  estimating software includes thousands of electrical item details and over super adaptable assemblies to help contractors build accurate estimates. Best Bid solutions are capable of importing prices of electrical equipment from major pricing services such as NetPricer and RealTime Pricing. The solution also allows contractors to build their own pricing database and charge for items at their own price. The solution also offers capabilities for On -Screen Takeoffs 800-941-7028 Free Electrical Estimating...
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Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

Best Bid Estimating & On-Screen Takeoff Solutions. Fast – Reduce electrical estimating time in half. Simple – Use Wizards to easily add material. Just add quantities. Accurate – See exact project cost on the electrical estimate summary. Professional – Impress your customers with award winning proposals. The best Proposals tool on the market. Electrical pricing software also includes material prices of thousands of items. Link to NetPricer or Realtime Pricing. Learn to use our electrical estimating software with fast-start online training videos. Priced less than any software on the market. 800-941-7028
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Electrical Estimating Questions

We are here to help you at Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software. If you have questions about estimating please send us your questions. If you have software questions please send those as well. We will do our best to answer all questions. Send to
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Free Estimating Help #20

Understanding Man-Hours Every proper electrical estimate must include the time that it will take to install all of the material. This is based on calculating the installation time of each item down to the manhour. Therefore, it is important to understand the use of man-hours. So, what is a manhour? The definition of a Man-Hour is: A man-hour, Labor Unit or Person Hour is the amount of work performed by an average worker in one hour. It is used in written "estimates" for estimation of the total amount of uninterrupted labor required to perform a task. A labor unit is a benchmark used by a company or estimator to determine the labor value of an installation. Notice the word benchmark. Man-hours out of a book are just a great starting...
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Free Estimating Help #19

Note: As shown in the example above, I suggest scaling each feeder and recording the distance on the one line diagram as shown in the example above. As with all estimating, we will break the whole into smaller sections. 39 We now perform a takeoff of the feeders. Riser to MDP Note: The heights of the risers are 20’. 01. 6-3” Unistrut straps 02. 10’ Unistrut 03. 2-3” Myers Hubs (To enter MDP) 04. 2-3” weather heads 05. 40’- 3” GRS. ( Specifications call for GRS outside) Next is installing the conductors. Most estimators will decide how much conductor that they will add for termination and use that length. There will be exceptions to the rule and you may need to adjust that length at times. In this example, we...
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Free Estimating Help #18

Next, look to see if you have access to the HVAC equipment schedule to determine what kind of units will be installed. Some of the different types may be as follows: 01. Split Systems, which would have an air handler and a condensing unit 02. Package units, which connect in one location 03. Gas Packs, which usually take less ampacity 04. Electric units, which would take more ampacity 05. Heat Pumps, which would take the most ampacity 06. Boilers 07. Chillers 08. VAV Valves 09. Air Handlers 10. TWU 11. Ductless Split units 33 Check for the fan schedule also. This will tell voltage and phase, along with any special wiring needed. Most of this information should be located on the electrical drawings. Look for a Disconnect Schedule like the...
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Free Estimating Help #17

The feeders can be fast and easy to record, but this is also where the big money is, so spend extra time by measuring twice. Checklist should include the following: 01. Aluminum or Copper conductors 02. EMT, PVC or Rigid raceways 03. PVC or Rigid 90’s for underground feeders. 04. Backfill with existing material or concrete 05. Single run or parallel 31 06. Seismic supports 07. Grounding bushings You may find things to add to your list. Every time a new item shows up, just add it to your check list. It is good to identify each feeder by name, so you can give the installer a time and material breakout of each feeder. 32 HVAC Almost every project will have some heating and air-conditioning. Before you start your takeoff,...
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