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Highly Profitable Electrical Cost Estimating Software 2023

This Electrical Cost Estimating Software thoroughly examines cost analysis and calculations to electrical cost estimators to perform full electrical estimates.

You must be willing to do your part. We will go out of the way to do ours.

A customer calls me and says man my company is having all kinds of issues. Everything is going wrong. We are losing money and I can’t keep employees on the job. Covid is making everything harder than it use to be. I really need some help.…
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Best kept secret of being a successful Electrical Contractor.

Best kept secret of being a successful Electrical Contractor. There are many things that have to come together to take your company to the next level. We have experienced them all. At Best Bid. We have lived through times when  business…

Being a great electrician does not prepare you for owning your own company.

What does it take to be a successful Electrical Contractor?  When owning and running a successful Electrical Contracting Company you learn to wear many hats. Being a great electrician does not prepare you for owning your…
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What’s the Best Electrical Estimating Software for My Company.?

What's the Best Electrical Estimating Software for My Company.? This is a common question that we get asked every day.The simple answer is the best one that you can afford.Now with the Best Bid Hybrid Pro you can easily afford the best. You…
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Wiring by the Sq. Ft. Seriously?

Don’t be fooled to price your work based on Sq. Ft prices that are set by people working out of their home with no insurance. Residential Electrical work is not a great way to make money. Being forced to price by a Sq. Ft. number in lieu of actual cost.
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Electrical Estimating-How did we get here?

Electrical Estimating- How Did We get Here? The days of pen and paper with lots of luck thrown in. Thirty years ago electrical contractors had no choice but to run their businesses the old-fashioned way by using pen and paper,…
Accura Cadd

Don’t Tell Me -Another Addendum

Surely not another change, You will never eliminate changes in construction estimating  but you can stop the problems that come with managing your revised drawings. With the Accura Cadd PDF Draw software you can overlap new drawings…
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Freelance Drafting Services

Just when we think that we could not offer any more products or services to help Electrical Contractors like you ,we think of something new. We are now doing Freelance Drafting. Let us do you simple As-Build Drawings, Panel Schedules, Lighting…
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Top 4 reasons not to fall for cloud-based Electrical Estimating software

Don’t fall for the cloud-based electrical estimating software. The only reason it exists is to drain your wallet. If they can sucker you into this lame idea after you get so far in you are a customer for life. Any financial adviser will…