TIP: Over the years, no matter how good the employees are, two people will not do twice the work of one person, four people will not perform twice as much work as two people etc. Sub Quotes Often times, you will need to hire other companies to complete your scope of work. Some of examples of these times could be: A. Fire Alarm Contractor B. Security Contractor C. Cable Contractor D. Fiber Contractor E. Telephone Contractor F. Data Contractor G. Excavation, backhoe, trenching, tamping. contractor H. Crane and Operator I. Bucket Truck and Operator TIP: When a systems contractor gives you a price, sometimes it will be turnkey and other times it may be what is referred to as parts and smarts. In most states, you would not include tax on the labor portion of the quote. Have your quote broken down by material and labor. Most times, you would only add tax to the material side of their quote. Miscellaneous / Other costs These are real costs to the project that are not necessarily shown on the drawings. Some of these may include: A. Permits B. Temporary lights C. Temporary power D. Utility charges