The feeders can be fast and easy to record, but this is also where the big money is, so spend extra time by measuring twice. Checklist should include the following: 01. Aluminum or Copper conductors 02. EMT, PVC or Rigid raceways 03. PVC or Rigid 90’s for underground feeders. 04. Backfill with existing material or concrete 05. Single run or parallel 31 06. Seismic supports 07. Grounding bushings You may find things to add to your list. Every time a new item shows up, just add it to your check list. It is good to identify each feeder by name, so you can give the installer a time and material breakout of each feeder. 32 HVAC Almost every project will have some heating and air-conditioning. Before you start your takeoff, you should read the specifications to verify the following information. 01. Voltage and phase of the units 02. What type of disconnects? Fusible or Non-fusible? 03. Nema configuration. Nema 1, Nema 3R, Nema 12 etc. 04. Heavy duty or regular. 05. Are special fuses required? 06. Are rejection clips required? 07. Who furnished the controls and cable, starters if any etc. 08. In some cases, the disconnects will come on the units. 09. In some cases, the GFI receptacles will also come provided on the unit.