Include your exclusions: 1. All Concrete 2. Painting and patching 3. Utility fees 4. Engineering fees In some cases, you will only be able to present a dollar amount with no exclusions. You will be bound to perform the work as indicated by the working drawings and specifications including all addendums. Summary: The following phases make up the estimate: A. Material B. Quotes C. Labor D. Sub Quotes E. Miscellaneous F. Overhead and Labor G. Submit Bid In the following chapters, you will learn the art of each of these phases. In today’s age, most successful contractors utilize the use of estimating software. We will cover the use of computer estimating in depth, but we feel that you should know how to estimate by pen and paper first. Out of all the electrical estimating software titles, we have tested the: Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software, and it wins hands down. Watch a complete overview of the Best Bid @ In future books, we will be dissecting the Best Bid Estimating System, covering every feature in detail.