As an Electrical Contractor
You will fail or succeed on your ability to estimate.
Estimating starts everything.
We are offering a fantastic class on Electrical Estimating.
This class will benefit anyone in the Electrical Industry no matter how little or how much you know.
This class is going back to the basics and will teach you how to manually estimate any electrical project.
It goes in depth on what goes into an estimate, how to create assemblies, and create a complete estimate.
We understand that you will at some point be using an electrical estimating software for your estimating but the more you understand what you want the buttons to do once you select them the more successful you will be using software. You need to understand how to estimate manually first.
We cover estimating a project from start to finish. This class is great for Project Managers as well as guys in the field. The more you understand what goes into an estimate the better it is for everyone. From correctly ordering material, to creating change orders it will make your employees more knowledgeable.
We offer two types of plans. One is for single user only and the other is a company- wide plan that everyone can use. Use these classes to teach your next estimator or as a refresher for your existing estimators.
Let us teach your next estimator for you or at least make them better at what they do.
There isn’t anything on the market like this and it is priced extremely low so everyone can benefit from them.

Let us make your life easy today!