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We can help you with your electrical estimating needs.
Best Bid offers Estimating Software and an On-Line School for Electrical Estimating.
We can teach you how to estimate or estimate better.

Powering Your Estimating Success

Thank you for taking the time to view our electrical estimating software. Best Bid is a different kind of company. We believe in helping electrical contractors improve their estimating methods to better provide for their families.
We have developed the Best Bid Hybrid Pro, a unique electrical estimating software that sets it apart from the rest. Unlike other software, we have simplified the screens and reduced the setup time, enabling you to generate estimates quickly. Our focus is on helping you estimate more projects and providing you with the necessary reports to track jobs after you win them.
Our goal is not to see how much money we can collect from you,
You won’t have to pay for an extra license whenever your computer crashes or you need to install your software on a new computer.
You also won’t have to pay to ask questions. You won’t be charged for software updates or other things required to keep your software fresh.
Our primary aim is to empower you to succeed in your electrical projects by providing user-friendly, affordable, and efficient software.
After extensively using various electrical estimating software available today, we can confidently say none are as user-friendly, affordable, or efficient as the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. We assure you that your investment in our software will be worthwhile and pay you dividends throughout your electrical contracting career.
We are also available to teach you how to estimate or estimate better. We offer an online School for Electrical Estimating, where you can access comprehensive courses and resources to enhance your estimating skills.
For a simple one-time fee, you own the software and your data.
The Best Bid Hybrid Pro also comes with an On-Screen Takeoff built into the software, so you don’t have to use a third party to accomplish this.
The database is the center of any software. Best Bid’s database includes all the items that electrical contractors need. All items are priced and include Man-Hours (the time it takes to install the item).
The Best Bid Hybrid Pro’s database is unlimited, making it easy to add products and categories. You can access over two million products when you team up with Netpricer/Netpak.
Arguably, one of the best features is the removable database, which can be shared with other Best Bid users. This allows for a simple one-click backup, so you never lose your data.
We know that you have many electrical estimating software options. When you review the Best Bid Hybrid Pro, it will become evident that there isn’t a better value for your hard-earned money.
  1. Pricing: Our pricing is straightforward and affordable. We ensure that our product is within reach for everyone, with no hidden fees, reassuring you that your financial investment is well-placed.
  2. It’s easy to use: We’ll be with you all the way. You won’t need to fly off to take a class to learn the software.
  3. Advanced features: On-Screen Takeoff, Unlimited Removable Database, Simple One-Screen Entries for Lighting, Switches, Receptacles, Branch Circuits, Stub-Ups, Feeders, Underground, etc.
  4. Highly praised technical support: Our Technical Support is highly praised for its responsiveness and expertise. We are here to answer all of your questions and provide assistance, ensuring that you always feel supported and cared for.
  5. Changeability: Best Bid has the most flexible electrical estimating system available. From the Admin panel, you can change everything to suit your company. You control all dropdowns and defaults.

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