• 1st Choice Bid Keeper

    1st Choice Bid Keeper


    1st Choice Bid Keeper

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    Welcome to the new Bid Keeper Software by 1.C.E.E.S.

    This is a great tool for any contractor.

    The Bid Keeper Software keeps all of your job information in one location.

    Below list some of the functionality that the Bid Keeper will perform.

    Project details:

    • Project ID #
    • Project Address
    • Project phone number
    • Project Fax. number
    • Project bid date. Recorded by calendar.
    • Customer’s name, address, fax., phone number, project manager, and superintendent. All selected from database.
    • Inspector’s name, phone number, and inspection days. All selected from database
    • Utility provider. Selected from database
    • One call ticket number
    • Your superintendent information. Selected from database
    • Price per sq ft calculator.
    • Tax rate, bond rate, overhead, and profit that apply to this project.
    • Permit recorder. Keeps up with the permits that you have purchased for this project and records when inspections were turned in.
    • Project notes. Record general notes, meeting times, etc.

    Add Vendor

    • This is a database of your vendors. Place a check by each vendor that you will be

    receiving a bid from on this project and select add selected vendors. This records vendors and their information. Select phases of project that will be quoted such as lights, gear, fire alarm etc. As the quotes come in just record the quote under the corresponding vendor. The program will select the lowest vendor and their quote.

    Material orders and cost

    • You can record your submittal information with dates received and sent.
    • Record your labor rate and burden which will be applied to the man-hours allotted for each phase of work.
    • Add miscellaneous items such as blue prints, travel, and rentals in the miscellaneous section.

    Temp Poles

    • This is for our electrical contractors. With the rising cost of providing temp poles its is more important now than ever to keep up with them.
    • Record when set and retrieved on this page.

    Change Order/RFI

    • Produce and record Change Orders and RFI.

    Summary Page

    • Produces a cost summary of the project.

    Time Keeper

    • This item is worth the price of the program and has proven to be a motivator.
    • You record all of the project phases such as lights. Gear, fire alarm, into as many phases as you like.
    • You place the man-hours per phase into the program.
    • You provide this information to your superintendent and each week he provides you with the time spent per phase.
    • The program adjusts the percentage used, percentage left. You provide a new sheet each week with the adjusted time.
    • It shows where you are good and where you need help before it is too late.
    • It has been proven that if the time left over is split you can count on the project coming in on time. Everyone wins.
    • Also provided is a crew calculator which shows how many days left to finish with your choice of man power. When you can see on paper that you have 12 days for 1 man to finish or 3 days for 4 men you will be amassed how often they elect smaller crews.

    This is just a summary of what the Bid Keeper does.

    It forces you to be a better project manager just by using it.