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We can help you with your electrical estimating needs.
Best Bid offers Estimating Software and an On-Line School for Electrical Estimating.
We can teach you how to estimate or estimate better.



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The Best Bid Lt. is our introductory electrical estimating software. Great for smaller shops or first-time users on a strict budget – the Best Bid Lt. has many of the features as it’s bigger brother the Best Bid but comes with one license, and limited customer support, and does not include the Residential module.

We started our company with the focus on helping the “Startup Contractor” or the “pen and paper” estimators move into the computer age. Our first offering was the 1st Choice Budget Estimator (1CEES), and as our customers outgrew that product, we created and launched the 1CEES line of products.

Then our customers asked for a more robust estimating software that had all the bells and whistles of the more expensive software. To answer their needs, we created the Best Bid, which has changed the game of estimating. It was created by full time estimators for speed and accuracy. The Best Bid reviews have been stellar, and the software quickly became the estimator’s choice for electrical estimating.

We listen to our customers, and they told us that there was too much difference going from the 1CEES System to the Best Bid. It was like going from a tricycle to a crotch rocket.

Best Bid Estimating Software

Below is a small list of features:

We are now offering the new Best Bid Lt. to fill the gap between the 1CEES System and the Best Bid.The new Best Bid Lt. offers the same controls and platform as the original Best Bid, so when you upgrade to the full version, there isn’t a learning curve.



Best Bid Hybrid Pro

Electrical Estimating Software with built in On-Screen Takeoff. Count & measure directly from your computer screen.


Best Bid

Electrical Estimating Software for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Low Voltage Contractors.


Accura Cadd PDF Draw

Create or modify PDF drawings. Great for As-Built Drawings or creating drawings from scratch.


On-Line School

Become confident with your Electrical Numbers. We teach electrical estimating customized to your needs.

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