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How to Run a Successful Electrical Contracting Business.

How to Run a Successful Electrical Business Becoming a successful Electrical Contractor does not just happen. You aren’t born with Electrical Estimating skills or knowing the perfect electrical estimating software. The good news is there are people that are willing to help. Check out bestbidestimating.com. Many electricians decide to go into business for themselves. After […]

Independent Best Bid 5 Star Reviews- Electrical Estimating Software

Paul from Abernathy Electrical Services Company Size: 2-10 employees Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Time Used: Less than 6 months Review Source  Ease-of-use 5.0 Value for money 5.0 Customer support 5.0 Functionality 5.0 December 2018 Simple To Use- The Complete Package As an electrical educator, I have taught over 40,000 students in my time. When I talk estimating to folks I want […]

All my issues will go away right?

A customer calls me and says man my company is having all kinds of issues. Everything is going wrong. We are losing money and I can’t keep employees on the job. Covid is making everything harder than it use to be. I really need some help. I need some kind of estimating program, bidding software, […]

Electrical Estimating Pre-Game Strategies

Get your pre-game together This post is for electrical estimators that may be just a little nervous when they start to price electrical work. That can be a good thing, at least it means you care about the results and quality of your bid.Ok you have electrical estimating software and you have on-screen takeoff software to fall back […]