• Accura Cadd

    Don’t Tell Me -Another Addendum

    Surely not another change, You will never eliminate changes in construction estimating  but you can stop the problems that come with managing your revised drawings. With the Accura Cadd PDF Draw software you can overlap new drawings on top of the original drawings to easily identify changes.  The aggravation of addendums  is a familiar scene.  Estimator receives a bid request for a project that he’s very interested in bidding. He spends a couple days performing a takeoff and gathering his material and subcontractor quotes. Then, right when he gets his sales price put together, boom, he receives a revised set of drawings. Now he has to reviews the new drawings to…
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    It All Starts With The Estimate

    It all starts with the estimate. The role of an electrical estimator is one that is highly specialized and extremely important. The estimate is the foundation of the project. It is also one of the most rewarding.  Electrical estimators in the US took home a median pay of $68, 800 with a top industry pay of $176, 000 plus bonus, 401K, phone, insurance, truck, etc.  It is also a career path with very bright future prospects, expecting to see a growth of 36.4% over the next decade. Over 185,000 jobs will be available in this sector over the same period of time. There is no standalone degree in electrical estimating, so…
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    Best Bid Hybrid Pro

    Steve with Best Bid. I don’t get the chance to address you guys and gals directly very often. I spend my time estimating and tweaking how things can work better. Electrical Estimating Software is a living thing and needs attention. New technology is coming forth every month and finding ways to implement it into our software is part of what I do. We estimate every day and we have used McCormick, Conest, Infosoft, and Accubid just to name a few and we can get the same outcome from each of these software. These are not bad products and if you spend the time ( and money) learning them they will…
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