Electrical Estimating Software Is our Only Focus.
  • Best Bid Hybrid Pro

    Steve with Best Bid. I don’t get the chance to address you guys and gals directly very often. I spend my time estimating and tweaking how things can work better. Electrical Estimating Software is a living thing and needs attention. New technology is coming forth every month and finding ways to implement it into our software is part of what I do. We estimate every day and we have used McCormick, Conest, Infosoft, and Accubid just to name a few and we can get the same outcome from each of these software. These are not bad products and if you spend the time ( and money) learning them they will…
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    Are you looking for help or to just be a customer?

    At Best Bid we have never been just about the money. That is why we sell our products for much less than our competitors. Our mission is to help Electrical Contractors make their everyday job easier. We spend more time offering free advice than we do selling software. Electrical Estimating Software has become an essential part of the everyday life of most electrical contractors. Being able to provide backup for your pricing, that is accepted as the industry standard is invaluable. By using electrical estimating software you know that you will be competitive with your bidding. I have been using bidding style software ever since it arrived on the scene…
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