Electrical Estimating Software Is our Only Focus.
  • Update your Software Prices

    Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has just purchased Real Time Pricing. We can now help you with keeping your prices updated. Real Time Pricing is an affordable way to keep your A list items up to date. www.electricalestimating.net All of Real Time Pricing data matches Best Bid’s 100% so there is no need to modify UPC codes etc. We still work closely with NetPricer for more advance price updates. Also visit us at:  www.bestbidestimating.com  800-941-7028
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    Take the time to Succeed

    We receive letter after letter and they all say the same thing. (We need help producing our estimates). It takes too long and we can never bid enough work to keep up with the request. There are only three things that can change that. Brushing up on your estimating Skills.Spending the time to master an Electrical Estimating Software.Sub some of your projects to a freelance estimator. It seems like a simple solution but from my experience you never FEEL like you have the extra time to devote to mastering a software. You have to get to the place where you understand that the time you spend learning to estimate and…
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    Direct Cost

    Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software-www.bestbidestimating-800-941-7028 You are missing more jobs than you think you should. You just don’t understand why. You feel like you have a good estimate but you just keep losing jobs. Let’s face it. Sometimes you will just be bidding against people that just don’t have a clue or someone that made a mistake. Here is another reason you may be losing jobs. “Direct Cost” More and more I am finding that people and getting the estimate right but they just don’t quite know what their Over Head, Profit, and Labor Burden is. Let’s say you are bidding against (4) reputable contractors. You have mastered the Best…
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