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  • The Leader of the Pack – From Super Superintendent to Field Operations

    The Leader of the Pack – From Super Superintendent to Field Operations “Transitioning to Supervisor”.   So much is involved with transitioning into leadership, and that it is therefore unsurprising that so many people struggle with it. You must be pro-active on your own to stay a head of the pack. Everyone wants top pay and a better job but only you are in control of your destination. For example: Master an estimating software such as the Best Bid Hybrid Pro. This will put you above the competition. Master Accura Cadd so you can pop out a drawing when no one else can. Simple things like this make you valuable.…
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    Note from Best Bid Electrical Estimating and Takeoff Solutions

    It seems like we never slow down at Best Bid. We hope you are as busy as we are. Just have just added a few new features to the Best Bid Hybrid Pro so if you have not checked for updates do so. Tools>check for updates. We are excited to say that we now have a fantastic new feature on the Accura Cadd. Let me back up. If you don’t have a copy of the Accura Cadd. Why not! We use this tool every day. It has been a life saver. We just added an overlay feature. It will even point out the changes between two drawings. The Accura Cadd…
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    Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

    The Super Superintendent

    The Super Superintendent “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” --a phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin long before the Superintendent title existed. The advice presented in this axiom is certainly taken up by those whom our Career Matchmakers identify as the most-marketable construction Superintendents. References for candidates who fit this description often tell us things such as: “He is the first on the job site and the last to leave”. “He knows who comes and goes on the work-site for which he is responsible”. “He takes ownership of his responsibilities”.  These candidates’ sub-contractor references will often tell us that they know how to drive…
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    We can help you with your Estimating needs!

    www.bestbidestimating.com https://www.softwareadvice.com/construction/best-bid-electrical-estimating-profile/ https://youtu.be/0xocjEamusc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7baS_uKTXA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd-NpdQGSHQ https://youtu.be/dYB0ykcPLyU         800-941-7028                   Call us and speak to someone that talks electrical estimating. Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software has anything that you need to be a successful electrical estimator. What sets us apart from the competition. We can teach you to estimate or estimate better, because we are not sales people we are electricians, estimators, and contractors that know your business. All we do is electrical so all of our attention is focused on your industry. Our software was created by electricians for electricians. We know how to estimate and we know what you need to estimate. We make it as simple…
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    Accura Cadd

    The new Accura Cadd now has an overlay feature/ This is really a must have software. It does so many things for your company you cant get by without it! We use it everyday.  
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