Electrical Estimating Software Is our Only Focus.
  • Electrical Estimating Software – Tips and Tricks

    Someone once pointed out to me that I spend more time on the phone teaching estimating practices and answering questions about estimating than I do almost anything else. So, it seemed like the right thing to do was to just place all of the conversations and questions in a video, so everyone could benefit from it. We decided to create this estimating class due the vast numbers of Electrical Contractors posting for Estimators in every state. After just a little research it seemed obvious that there was just not a direct path to becoming an estimator. Most companies don’t want to spend their time and money training an estimator. So…
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    Advantages of Electrical Estimating Software

    Throughout the past years, the use of electrical estimating software has become popular particularly among electrical contractors. They are used by small, medium, and large-scale electrical businesses. This software comes with features and capabilities designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the bidding, which profoundly impacts the success of a company. Importance of Electrical Estimating Software Overpriced bids aren’t considered while underpriced bids mean that the cabling contractors are losing money with each installation. The process includes estimating the labor and material costs that go into every bid. It usually involves implementing a materials take-off from CAD or computer-aided drawings. Those drawings were included in the construction documents. The…
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