Electrical Estimating Software Is our Only Focus.
  • The Truth About Electrical Estimating Software

    The truth about Electrical Estimating Software The truth about Electrical Estimating Software and On-Screen Takeoff Solutions is that they can win you more bids and make you more money because, you simply make less math mistakes, they allow you to bid more work in much less time, they streamline the process so after you dial in the software to your company‚Äôs needs you create uniform estimates every time. When using the right electrical estimating software you can just enter a quantity and create long list of predetermined material. With old school pen and paper estimating if you had 100 120V Receptacles you would perform a similar task. You would write…
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    How to Choose the Best Electrical Estimating Software

    Best Bid was created many years ago out of necessity. Our electrical company had a need to producing more estimates, in less time, than our present software could produce. We ended up creating several hundred pages of Excel spread sheets and this was actually some better than what was on the market at the time. Missing from this spread sheet compilation was clean reports and flexibility that real software could provide. So step one, was we took our existing software and made a wish list of what was just obviously wrong, noted the errors, and what additions we would like to see that would make the software more like what…
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