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  • Free Estimating Help #5

    05. Adding labor cost: Determine how many hours you'll need to perform each type of installation by adding a man-hour to each piece of material. Include supervision and laborers as needed. Calculate your labor costs. Multiply the total man hours by the rate of pay that you need to charge. 06. Include Other Cost: Add other cost such as storage trailers, permits, rental equipment, plans, etc. 07. Arrive at a job cost: The total material cost with tax, added to your other cost and your labor charge will become your job cost. 08. Arrive at selling price: Job cost plus overhead and profit will be your selling price. 09. Review:…
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    Free Estimating Help #4

    . All buildings will need some type of electrical work at some point in time, creating a possible quote situation. The person that prepares this price is called an estimator. There are different types of electrical estimators, including senior, residential and commercial. Senior electrical estimators are responsible for training and managing other estimators. They are required to have extensive experience in estimating and project management. Residential electrical estimators determine the cost of electrical systems or upgrades installed in homes. Commercial electrical estimators bid on construction projects as subcontractors. Most use estimating software, such as the Best Bid, to help determine the cost associated with large projects. www.bestbidestimating to watch a…
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