The Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software and the Best Bid Hybrid are available from 1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software. In today’s tough times it is not a matter of can I afford an electrical estimating software but can I afford not to have an electrical estimating software,

There is no question that one can bid more projects in the same amount time with a software.  More projects bid equals more projects won. We all can agree that as electrical contractors we don’t make money until our plates are full of work.  Once our workload is satisfied then our profit margins can increase. This is called by some as the sweet spot.

I made a statement that one can bid more work with a software than without. I should have said with the right software. Not all software are created equal and even though some major name brand  software titles are very popular due to their million dollar advertising budget they can be very complicated to learn often requiring weeks at remote training classes.

All of the Best Bid products were created by working electrical contractors.  People that work like you every day not overseas software developers. The results are an easy to use, accurate, and reasonably priced product with no hidden fees. Software with terminology that you understand.

We believe, at Best Bid, in eliminating wasted steps. We provide you with the most up to date technology available with the fewest clicks to a finished bid possible.

The only way it could be easier is if we did it for you.

You have to give the Best Bid and the Best Bid Hybrid a try. You can visit to best bid’s electrical estimating software website or give us a call at 800-941-7028